Review for Fragile


(#) Frimmy 2006-06-06


dude. that was incredibly sad. listening to sad music really didn't help i have to go mourn for Archie's supposed death...grr...see how sad you have made the Frimm? was well written though. you didn't skip the gory bits of death either, nice.

Author's response

...that probably wasn't the best to say, was it? DON'T DIE! Great that I know I can inspire those sorts of feelings in people, and the music probably did most of it though XD Yeah, I need to go write some sort of happy one-shot to cheer you guys (and myself) up. Sorry I made you so sad... And yeah, I wanted to make the story real, so I didn't skip out on anything that most people usually skirt around... was it too much? Thank you for the review! ~Demenior