Review for Fragile


(#) Arisey 2006-06-06

I'm sorry, but it just seemed too dramatic. Although I loved all your other stories, this one just seems...less..I don't know, but it doesn't seem as great as the others. It was well written, but this is a kid's show we're talking about!

Author's response

I'm sorry it was 'too dramatic' for you. What I do when i write is I try to pull strings of emotion in the heart, so in 'Quiet Time' I focused more on a soft, calm feeling that left you satasfied and at peace. With this story, I wanted to leave you in tears, or sniffling a bit. That's why it had to be dramatic- but not to the point where it was too predictable. As for a kids show? The fanfictions don't have to be as calm as the show, but I will make the rating higher if you think I've under-rated it too much? Thank you for the feedback ~Demenior