Review for What a Night

What a Night

(#) mrsgerardway616 2007-04-16

this was an excellent but sad story. i cried when i found out that mikey was dead, i just knew it was him when you said brown eyes underneath glasses. it was so sad for me to read it, but when i start reading something, i cant stop (only if its good). the whole time i read this i listened to "the minstrel's prayer by cartel" which i think has a connection to this story. i loved it very much. i love your writing. keep on writing like this, don't let anyone tell you different.

Author's response

Wow thankyou :-) I loosely based it on the video for 'one' by metallica (I have an unhealthy obsession) but I'll deffo have to check that song out!! Thanks for the review hun!! :-)