Review for The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour

(#) twilliams1797 2007-04-16

I saw there were no reviews for this chapter, well that's just wrong.. I noticed the summary that this story was abandoned at one point, and I can understand that happening if you get no feedback, sure the story does follow some of the cliches' of the fanfiction genre, but so what, it's entertaining and there are some unique things I have seen so far. I like the suck it up and act Harry better than the morose self-pitying Harry so many people write. I like the physical aspect of his training, the magical world depends too much on magic.. in fact I find the description of the aurors workout area suprising, its like they (the aurors) are a separate culture. no matter. ships: it kinda looks like you are leaning toward H/G, with R/Hr. a bit common,, but still entertaining.. I don't mind H/G, but I don't get R/Hr.. I don't think they have a relationship there.. but then who can account for love, eh? I have not read beyond this chapter yet, but it might be entertaining to have Harry with Miss Marchbanks.. at least for a date of two.. anyway I have lost enough sleep for tonight, I will pick this up tomorrow.. in case you haven't figured it out, I like the story thus far.
Tim W

Author's response

Thanks for the review. Hope you like the rest of it. :)