Review for Family Issue

Family Issue

(#) lycus 2007-04-21

YES I Love It,That Was Great Hermione Just Knew That Her Man Was Envolved With What Was Going On.And That Hospital Scene Was Great I'm Surprised Hermione Didn't Faint.And I'm Glad That Their Weren't Any Hard Feelings Between Hermione And Marie. And We Have Contact Between Harry And His Future Wife...Oops I mean Hermione.I Can't Wait For The Next Chapter.And Now Time To Rant...HBP Had Harry & Hermione OOC When Has Hermione Ever Behaved That Way Especally When She Found Out About The Prpohecy Wouldn't She Have Been In The Library 24 Hours A Day With Harry's Life On The Line.And Harry Ingnoring The Propecy Completely To Pursue Ginny.Please!! And For The Opposites Attract People Hermione Still Wouldn't Be With Ron She Would End Up With Crabbe Or Goyle.

Author's response

Thank you for reading and reviewing, and yes I agree, our Hermione was OOC in the HBP. She needs to be with Harry, period. And since I wrote this particular fic . . .
Expect some rough waters ahead.