Review for Because This War Can't Last Forever

Because This War Can't Last Forever

(#) me_myself_and_MCR 2007-04-21

OH MY GOD crys loudly THAT IS SOOOO SAD!!!!!!!! I am commenting on all the chapters; they are so good and sooo perfect; well; to me at least. I LOVE this story; even though its so sad Sniff sniff I wish i could write like this; but you do have to give me credit; my story 'Even if saving you sends me to heaven' Is sort of okay... i guess. Anywho; I LOVE THIS STORY!! Adds to fav. although it is so sad; i feel it; and i could just see how gee would feel, ya know? Any ways; your probaly bored so i'll stop blabbering

O.O o.O o.o U.U O.O Autumn (nichole)

Author's response

Thanks. But really, it never would've gotten this good if it weren't for jerseygirlxx. She's great at critiquing stuff and helping me word things just right.