Review for Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

(#) meeniemoe 2007-04-22

Omg. Suddenly, I'm happy you didn't update sooner otherwise it wouldn't've been this PERFECT. :) That was so cutesy and romantic...and oh...god, if you do something to make them ripped apart (I know you will by the middle of this story when there's a conflict) I'm going to be SOOOO SAD. Like, no joke. ): Hehe. I loved all the beginning bits with Brendon sleeping and her teasing him...that was funny.
They are so perfect for each other! :)
xoxo, nat.
PS I remember you said once that you wanted to be in my fanfiction, so I'm putting you in, although you've never sent in a technical 'profile'. Is this ok? xoxo.

Author's response

wow, omg, thankyou!!! really? perfect? wow... hey, how do u know they are going to break up?! eh? lol. i love them as a couple too :D makes me so happy :D ooo yay!! i get to be in ur story :D i thought i emailed u... hmm, maybe not!! ill send u an ofline message on msn, if that works :D thanks so much again!! ur reviews ALWAYS make me smile