Review for It Was Just for the Experience

It Was Just for the Experience

(#) meeniemoe 2007-04-23

Ohhh what now?! I ditched a rating point for you. :) Hahaha...okay, I know, it's not that big a deal...but we did have seven!! Haha.
I love this. I was seriously cracking up 100% of the time (except for the cutesy Liz & Jon bits). Soooo keep writing. You might wanna check your grammar and spelling next time. (If you do this in word...wait you do already...use spellcheck.) So ummm yeah. Spelling Nazi Commando!!! Lol.
Btw, I def. like the Liz's POV thing going on. Much much more organized and better, like you said.
I think the thing about this story is that you can read it over and over again. There are just some stories/ fanfics where you can't do that, but these funny parts just spur the story on to better...chapters and moments. What am I saying?...Oh well, you get the gist.
I love youuu.
xoxo nat.

Author's response

i do use word. i ignore spell check? maybe i'll start paying more attention :D ummmm hides Don't worry dear, there will be cutsey moments for all :D it wouldn't be fluff without it.

Wow. you really think you could read the story over and over again? blushes i thank you! :D.

and yes i get the gist.

i love you more. you're my facebook wifey :D

lovvles huggles and hearts,