Review for Insomnia


(#) Honeybee 2007-04-24

Oh. My. Friggin'. Gosh!!!!!! That was totally smokin'!!!! I absolutely loved it!! lol Huh.... Thought that I had read all your stories.... but guess not.... lmao This one was totally HOT!!! I was reading it and my little brother walked in.... blush factor As I tried to minimize the damn screen thingie he wanted to know what it was!!!! I was really red!!! lol Shhhhh... don't tell anyone.... I have a secret smut loving side too!!! (",) lmao Actually... it's not so secret.... sooo never mind!!! lol hey and another thing... get your behind into gear girl!!!! ;p We all at ficwad are wating with baited breath for either an update or sumthing from you.... ANYTHING!!!! Oh and please hurry.... I think I might just pass out from lack of oxygen!!!! lmao

Luv ya sweetie hugs Honey