Review for Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

(#) LOVELA 2007-04-25

Alrighty. I thought this chapter was a really good insight into what anyone's friends would probably say. They do have a point to be worried about a girl coming in and trampling over Andy, but I also find it very compelling that Andy is defending her. I hope the boys do give Lindsey a chance just as I hope she gives them one too! Good Chappie!

Author's response

I think I like how Andy defends her most about this chapter too. That's one thing with his character I don't think I focus on enough even though I do try to include it a lot more later. A certain character, who I believe is still unnamed at this point, can be responsible for the fact Andy can't bear to lose another girl he's fallen for. This character is a heartbreaker to say the least. haha. Well, I think that's the end of my foreshadowing for tonight. It was a lovely review as always. Thank you for your continued support.