Review for Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

(#) Nautilus 2007-04-27

its was hard to review chap 7, not that we didn't enjoy it. its just that we didn't have enough background infomation on the Tempar. anyway, it was gd.

i like rachel, look forward to how she possibly help the bonds between fleur and harrry.

the swords sound cool, but more detail is require i guess. i still don't have a clear picture of it. so jacky-oh still doesn't know what has been happening. hmmmmm....

poor tonks, why is she always the one in trouble. lol... look forward to see more of her. i would of thought that tonks and fleur would have been close friends. they are similar to some extent. and about the same age group... anyway congrats...

ps. look forward to see how bill takes all of this... ;)

Author's response

Thanks this review helped a lot. I was worried that chapter 7 was hated. Anyway I'll try to work on Marcell's new sword. But really if you can picture what a crabs claw looks like and add saw teeth to it, you have its basic design. And no Jacky-oh (lol) still doesn't know whats going on. He learns in the next chapter. ALSO I have finally planned out the chapter where he learns he is Harry, that will be a celebration in the making. I really like Tonks, and try to give her all the time I can, but as of right now I cant find a good place for her and I'm not going to force a place because it wouldn't flow with the story.