Review for A New Twist

A New Twist

(#) Honeybee 2007-05-02

Bad Cronus!! Bad, bad, bad Cronus!!!! But yay!!! You finally updated... lol give me a second... jumps up and down and shrieks in excitement Okay I'm done!! ;P lol Hmmmm you would think I'd be hoarse from all my shrieking, but no..... never!!! lol Love Archie and his conscience laugh, I pictured it sooo evil!!! lol And the 'Her breast, good aim' comment!!!! Priceless!!! lol OMG!!! I can't wait to find out what Cronus has in store for poor Theresa!!! Hee hee hee though Jay.. jealous LMFAO Good... He's such a jackass in this story! lol 'k I'll go now!!! lol
Love Honey (",)