Review for Harry Potter and the Lantrisi

Harry Potter and the Lantrisi

(#) Daniel010 2007-05-05

Nice chap! I was extremely happy that Sophia had come into the fic again but then you just had to make her leave almost straight away! :(

I do hope that you keep them paired and not have it a H/Hr ship, or if not how about a H/So/Hr one? Hermy can be their 'pet' ;p

I'm not sure whether it was your writing or if there is more to it but I doubt Lanus would send a crusier for 'test runs' - so what I'm thinking (or hoping?) is that this is the first of many ships and they are going to make a new Lanstri empire in this dimension? crosses fingers

Anyway's keep up the great work!

Author's response

well, this story won't be a H/Hr, but I'll strive to make an interesting romance side to it. As for the reason for the cruiser, you'll have to wait and see. It will have a big role in the story, and not just for blasting Death Eaters from orbit, even if it's really fun thing to do.