Review for Thank You For the Venom

Thank You For the Venom

(#) A_Fallen_Shadow 2007-05-05

ok! now this reallly makes me mad, reallly mad,

so mad it can't even be put into WORDS!!!!

gerard: and that is?

me: when i read i decent story and no one reveiws it!

gerard: yeah! makes me mad too!

me: it only takes like 3 SECONDS!! you just say "awesome story its great! update soon" and your done. whats so hard about that?!?

gerard: i have no clue. people are lazy?

me: either that or just REAL assholes. pardon my language please, im just a little ticked off at the lack of reveiws you are getting for a story that dexerves at least a LITTLE love. i mean COME ON! this story is really origanal, i didn't see the coma comeing! but it is a little soap opera-ish, cause that sort of thing happens in soap operas, the leasd girl cant say "i luv you' and falls into a coma for 20 years.

gerard: nods in aggreement yeah, the soul is there, but it is a little soapy.

me: but still good?

gerard: still good.

me: ok, i guess thats it.

gerard: good bye!

me: good bye!

Author's response

i think i love you :)