Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-05-06

okay so when you said it picked up speed and tilted side to side... did that mean it narrowly missed them??? cause then the whole to be continued part made it look like it wasnt over... Im confused... I so though this chapter was picking up whre that left off... Anyway.. lets say that it did miss them (and you totally gyped me out of that scene!) and now there at the concert... I liked it... I could see Sky being totally freaked out... Her mom was right to baby her! lol! But when exactly did Gee drink? after he lost her? rrgh! what did he give up looking and was like oh maybe I'll have a beer... Rrrgh! she shouldve slapped him.. But no.. that wouldnt have been sky like at all... Shes gonna foolishly put herself out there thinking she can help him... shakes head at sky I wonder how many times he can burn her before she gives up....----xoxo (I dont know if thats where you were going with your story but please do cause I hate happy endings!) =)

Author's response

lol no, he drank sometime in the past couple of days. but the stress and emotional things caused him to come clean now, he's not that obnoxious. maybe i should have sky lash out at Mikey for not telling her gee is drinking again..hmm