Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-05-07

Yeah that cool... I love bad boys though... Hell I love all boys! anyway... It was cool that you skipped through the 'accident' scene. I thought maybe ficwad screwed up the order or something... It did give it a different feel.. like you said obviously they were okay or they wouldnt be at the concert... It also works out good cause you can always go back and refernce the scene when you need to. Since there was no dialog written. You can pretty much make up what you need when you need it... Like lets say next week theyre having an oh so tender moment she could be like oh remembering what he said in the car... you know or the opposite of that where shes like 'damn you - you promised me in the car that blah blah... You know what Im saying. Dont be afraid to use that when you need it...also things like that the other charac. may have said to each other... Thats what I do... Its good to leave some openings in the story so you can go back and fill them in, just dont skimp on details! whens the next chap coming????----xoxo

Author's response

i love them too but not if they go drink instead of looking for me...but gee is ok, he loves sky!