Review for World By Storm

World By Storm

(#) aiIenzo 2007-05-08

The fucking imagery in the beginning was just complete and total "wow" for me. And I liked how you just thrust the reader into the action, without any background, plot, nor explanation anywhere; it's a nice change. Not from your stories personally, just, in general. And major love to the AK-47, haha. And of course, Gerard and Frank's dark wit even as their final breaths approach. That's just like them.

Amazing job. I'd like to see more of this. Or, [nudge nudge] ANYTHING, woman! I miss your stories ever so much.

Godammit, my wireless keyboard is being a bitch and now I have to use my old one, which is missing a spacebar and two keys. It took me damn near ten minutes to write all of this.[/random]