Review for Hey you, Miss Independent

Hey you, Miss Independent

(#) jade_kwl_name_eva 2007-05-11

Whoo, first to review! Yay me!! Awesome story with my favourite song in it!! lol. Yeah, you scared me with this pregnacy test thing. I was like 'Please say she's not pregnant! Please say she's not pregnant!' And then she was just about to see the results and then..... you switch to the guys. grr, I wanted to know the results then! But other than that, it was good. Can't wait for the last song in this series. I'm gonna miss reading these song stories that you write. :D (I gotta find better smiley faces! :))

Author's response

lol hey T.J.!!!! ;P Awww.... you know, I love the fact that when I check my reviews, yours is the first that I see!!!! lol Glad ya liked it! Hmmmmm, you know I'm gonna miss writing them too.... But it's cool, cuz there will be more fics, and I already have an A.U. fic kicking around in my head.... lmao But I want to get half way through 'The Key' before I start it.... otherwise I might not update either in a while.... lol I don't know how the rest of you can do it.... have like four seperate fics going at the same time.... it would drive me insane, cuz I wouldn't know which to update!!! (",) Anywhooo.... I've babbled long enough!!! Thanks for the review!!!
Luv ya Honey hugs