Review for Addict For Dramatics

Addict For Dramatics

(#) luckysgc921 2007-05-11

i love you. I love Lola/Patrick...the end made me both happy and sad. 'cause I want them to be happy. screw Pete.
"It's only county jail. Brody's crew is a bunch of pussies. You break a few noses and they call the cops. This would never happen in New York."smirk hehe. how'd you know?
"I don't fight girls either." best line in the chapter--even if it wasn't mine I'd think that 'cause Pete really IS such a freaking girl.
loveeee this story too much for words. and I saw in Miss Katy's review that you were mayyyybe popping on AIM--and of course I'll be at work. :( lol. mwah

Author's response

Don't worry, my dear Bridget, everything will work out in the end...unless I'm having a bad week and I want to take it out on my story :)