(#) Honeybee 2007-05-15

Hey CSC!!!! Hmmm sorry this is a bit late in reply of your e-mail that you sent!!! (",) lol Hmmmm I can't recall exactly what I said, but it was along the lines of thanks for the awesome song.... also I suggested you update all your stories!!!! lmao but that's just me being demanding!!!! ;P lmao I really love 'True Fighter' and 'Why me?' but which ever you feel like updating, do so please!!! I will read nay of it!!! ;P Hmmmm I also offered that if you were stuck or just needed a person to bounce ideas off, I would be willing!!!! (",) lol Okay well, lucky for you, I have to run off to my lecture!!! lol My lecturer will kill me if I'm late.... also we are beginning to write exams, and it's my first time writing University exams.... soooo I'm just a tad nervous!!!!! lmao Oh hey BTW Atlanta's story is up!!! lol Just thought I'd let ya know!!! ;P

Love ya!!! hugs anhd kisses
Honey (",)