Review for The Beach House

The Beach House

(#) WynonaKing90 2007-05-15

how many frikken stories are you making, girlie????
thats alot!!!!
please continue the others as well as this one. its gonna be hard work. i like it sooo far xD.
btw- mcr is WAYYYYYYYY better than linkin Park. go tell your friend that. linkin park is a over played sell out- radio whore band. im actually quite sad mcr sold out to the mainstream =(...oh well. i've stuck with them for so long i''l always love them ^^.
p.s- i added you to my fav. authors. you deserve it ;D

Author's response


hey, i dont hav as many stories up as some ppl! lol, and if i wanted to, i cud put up like at least 5 more ive already started on paper! lol, but ill wait if u want me to!

yeah, i luv MCR no matter wut happenz!