Review for Hey you, Miss Independent

Hey you, Miss Independent

(#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-05-16

Hey there! Waz up! Just me (lil ol boring me....lmao) Yeppers, nothing exciting... EXCEPT YOUR STORY! WOW!!! That was all out amazing. Really. So gr8 it's hard to pick words to say. Sry bout not updateing for a while, waz at a swim meet. This is the first time I've been on. Cheacked my reviews, and saw that lovely letter you sent me, and saw you'd posted. I actually jumped for joy, fell, got back up, rubbed my leg where I tumbled, and jiffed my way over her as fast as possible. yep, and thats my life story.

okey dokey, back to pointo numero uno (lol, real sad attempt at spanish, (no offense to spanish peeps out there, luv ya'll)) That was AMAZING!! During that story Ohhh.. it was so suspenseful! I was just about to die from the cliffhangie... Eeekkk! So, in other words, I luved every lil bit of it. So, in other words, please update soon. Not only will i not die, I will also give out chocolate chip cookies. Okay, maybe not cookies. Don't think i have any. Sry. sad face, looks at empty cookie bag Oh well. you shall get cookies in spirit does weird waving thigie with hands Yes, i know. I'm cool like that.

And yes, i did eat chocolate chip cookies. Which have a 1 to 3 ratio of chocolate in them. Guessies to what happened? See for yourself. WOOT! You got a dose of my randomness and hyperness for the day. Anyways, enough of my aggrivating chatter. Best of luck on those exams.
LUV YA!!!!!

Author's response

pimpl OMG!!!!! I LOVE recieving reviews from you!!!!!! They always brighten my day up considerably!!!! ;P Hmmmmmm, That's ok.... I have enough chocolate cookies for the both of us (I baked 'em myself!!!!) lol So have two cookies just cuz you're SUCH an awesome reviewer!!!!! lol Saw your new fic, so I'm gonna go read it!!! Cheers luv ya HUGS!!!!!