Review for Gene-Spliced Harry

Gene-Spliced Harry

(#) alec_potter 2006-06-16

hey great's already reached it's limit so i cant vote it up further...else it's a very original,funny n awesom fic.
i would hve been satisfied with a h/hr pairing but the more the merrier.
a plot hole tht came to my mind was,if harry actively goes against fudge,then fudge might bring in a law to ban/regulate spliced people..hope to do somthing about it.
another is harry feeding all his prisoners,caz if he uses any of the hogwarts house-eleves,they will surely report to dumbledore about it.even dobby may be bound by his job to report it to him.
harry's intreactions with all girls were good but with hermione it's just awesom,and with patil twins it was good too.
update soon...please........