Review for Common Courtesy

Common Courtesy

(#) scottishfae 2007-05-18

Oh wow--that's really all I can say. That was simply wonderful. You are very good at combining vivid description and in-character dialogue. You really commanded this story well, both with your use of language and the emotions you so accurately portrayed. I'm not sure I've ever seen Wolfram so well depicted and I love his interaction with Yuuri. I think you approached Yuuri's reaction to Wolfram well, as well as the small moment of affection. It's hard to be in a canon situation, like you're doing with this fic, and then write emotions for Yuuri when it comes to Wolfram. We're never sure how he takes the engagement to the other boy; but I think you approached it well, leaving the contact either a necessity to appease Wolfram, a means of comfort for them both, or possibly a real, underlying affection towards Wolf. Very well done.

This is really an excellent fic. Thank you for sharing it!