Review for The Beach House

The Beach House

(#) MCR_dynamite 2007-05-19

OMG, that was so sad! Aww, I'm trying not to look depressed, cause my sister will give me weird looks, but this story was powerful. VERY powerful!

I read the reviews below me and you can get photos from photobucket. You need to make an account on it, upload pics from your computer, add them to the photo album, then copy the second box thing underneath it and paste it into your biography thing.

Great story, I'm gonna go and read more of yours!

Author's response

ooh, it makes me happi that ppl like ma writing! all tingly inside! lol not drug-like i hope i dont sound.

anyways, my parents read this cuz i wanted sum1 else to read it otha den ma friends, nd they were all ,"You should write about things that relate to you, not the kind of thing like this! You write about the kind of relationship you've never had, and probably no 13 year old has, so you should write about school or whatever."

lol i was annoyed. thatz why i like ppl who actually LIKE ma writin!