Review for Brother Z

Brother Z

(#) brad 2007-05-22

I didn't get an e-mail notification from ficwad for this second chapter, either. I've lodged a request for help in their forum plus sent off an e-mail message; no feedback thus far. Thanks for the yahoo notification.

The idea of Z/Harry coming back to heal Luna and Hermione is a very nice and powerful one, of course, so I'm glad that he's doing it :-). I'm surprised that Luna, usually a seer or someone with some variety of extra-sensory ability in your stories, didn't say "oh, hello Harry, how are you?!" as Z walked in the door the first time he met her.

I think you've mentioned in your comments feedback that Z is Harry, probably via time travel? If so he'd better have one dang good reason for hiding from his girls like this. (And if he's now substantially older the idea of a romantic relationship between them may be a little icky).

Loved the 'seeing through Z's eyes'; I've had the occasional thought myself of that sort of plot.