Review for Holiday in Spain

Holiday in Spain

(#) IWCT 2006-06-18

Nice, ironic, funny. Glad to meet another Gaiman and Pratchett fan. Personally, I'm more into Pratchett's Discworld stuff, but it's hard to find good fanfiction for that. Actually, for almost any satire based story.

I'm really impressed that you can write it so well. I don't bother because my efforts are less than impressive. I certainly don't know how to write dry humor into cannon.

Anyway, wonderful story, but I think you have a bit of a date problem. "You've had a slump since 1936" but war had already started between England and Germany by then. Might it not be more acurate to say "since 1914"? Just a thought. Of course, you could mean that the WWII didn't really heat up until 1942. But that still doesn't quite make sense with Pollution's comments.

Anyway, great story, thank you.

=^.^= IWCT

Author's response

::grins:: Thanks. The date thing, actually, is taking off of the canon note for when Pestilence retired - so sure, War was still doing stuff in the intervening period, but... for lack of a better phrase, it lacked her usual punch. And since that's when Pollution got the Horseperson job, he'd know when the slump started, even if he wasn't so up on current events before that.
But thanks for sharing your concern, and for the review. (I've tried Discworld fic before, but most of it's very, very short. XD)