Review for In His Gallery

In His Gallery

(#) Draykor 2007-05-28

Oh, DITTO! UPDATE ASAP! And I'm glad you liked my other stories that you never read before :). I'm dieing to know why Arch dropped the stuff! Yes, I like the word "stuff". Stuff, stuff, stuffy, stuff. Kay I'll stop sayint ssssssstuff! I want to see how Arch will react when or if he finds out that Derk, asked Atlanta out. Yes I call Dereks Derk, cause my brothers have a friend named Derek, and me and my parents all call him Derk. Update SOON! And I'm not sure about a sequel to that one story.

xoxo Draykor

Author's response

No problem!:) I always like reviewing awesome stories!! Awww... I was so sure u would write a sequal! Oh well. And you gotta wait as well to know the rest!:)