Review for In His Gallery

In His Gallery

(#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-06-02

WEEHEE! Rated it Moving. Hehe... LOL, whats gonna happen? Oh, Neil and his 4 panel mirror, this story is lookin gr8! SO please please update soon, before I fall off my seat with susepnse rolls backwards on chair, slips off Wait, never mind, that already happened. Oh well, catch my drift. if you don't rubs hip Please update extremly fast!!! Sry if this seems kinda short, but I GTG swim at a swim meet. Longer one next time. mwah LUV YA!!!

CSC (too lazy to right the whole thingie) =D

Author's response

Heey! lol! Yup, we can never forget about Neil and his mirror!:) & I hope you get well soon from your back ache!:P I'll update as soon as I can but all you have to do is wait! Thanks for the review! Luv ya too!:)