Review for Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

(#) meeniemoe 2007-06-02

Oh. my. god. That was amazing. I love the fact that you re-wrote this chapter, kinda, in Brendon's POV. (Because the last chapter was kinda in Vicky's POV...)
When I first heard Brendon was in a car crash, I was like, well that's kind of cliched, but after reading THIS chapter, it made me feel a whole lot better, because not many people go ahead and DESCRIBE what happened during the car crash, or more like, HOW it happened. I like how fast-paced it was towards the end; I just wanted to read it all so I knew what happened! (Even though I already KNEW what was gonna happen!!)
And that's when you know that the author's a really awesome writer.
They make you want to read it, and leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, even though you know the ending.
Good job, Geets!
xoxo nat

Author's response

wow, omg... thanks! GAH! wow. u really think im awesome?! dude... u had me a little scared when u said that it might be cliched, but that is just so taken over with happiness now! thankyou :D Geets xxx