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"All you’ve ever done is treat Paisley bad."

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The break up, the anger, the telling off.

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The next day when Paisley was over at Gerard's she slipped the song back into it's original spot.
Just as she stood up, Gerard came down the stairs.

"You know, those songs were over there and what's funny is that a certain song wasn't over there," he said stopping in front of her.

Paisley cringed, "Damn."

"Subtlety is not your strongest point," Gerard said frowning.

"I'm sorry Gerard, I just wanted to know. I felt guilty, I really did. I just…. I’m sorry.”

Paisley wrapped her arms around him but Gerard made no move to return it.

“How can I trust you with anything if you lie to me then practically steal from me.”

Paisley looked up at Gerard, mouth open in shock.

“What, but I brought it back. And I did it to try to understand what is going on with you.”

Gerard shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter. You still stole from me and told me a lie. I’m sorry.”

Paisley was confused.

“Are you breaking up with me?”

Gerard didn’t answer. He just looked away.

Paisley opened her mouth to say something else but thought better of it and closed it. Nodding to her self she picked up her bag and walked out of the basement.

“Where are you going?”

Paisley turned around and looked at Gerard.


“In the cold? It’s effing freezing outside baby.”

Paisley glared at him.

“Yes in the cold and I’m not your baby.” With that she turned around and walked off.

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“Ok Gerard, where’s Paisley at?”

It was Friday and Gerard and his gang were sitting inside the hallway eating lunch.

“I don’t know nor do I care.”

Frankie exchanged surprised glances with Ray and Mikey.

“What the hell happed bro? Two days ago you two are happy and in your room making out.”

“Bitch lied to me. And lied to me. There wasn’t any algebra test Ray. I asked Frankie. You have no reason to cover for her. At all. She’s manipulative. I figured this out. I don’t know how she did it but she had Frank in the palm of her hand from day one. While you two were right behind.”

“That is it!”

Frank stood up from his seat next to Gerard and yelled.

“I don’t know what your deal is but dude get over yourself. There is no way you can go from loving her and wanting to be with her to hating her and calling her names that fast. The reason she did that was to help you because your so damn secretive. You act as though your carrying the world on your shoulders, but when someone comes along to help you carry that burden you treat them horribly. Sure she lied and stole but she had the best of intentions. Some people deserver second chances and she’s one of them. You are my best friend Gerard but right now you disgust me. I’ve talked to Paisley and her condition is worse than yours. Your grandmother died. Yes we’re all sad, that’s happened to all of us. But are we living on our own at seventeen? Have we had to endure a life with out your mom and being at the hospital when your dad was taken off life support. You are so selfish.”

Frank marched off through the doors and into the parking lot leaving a stunned Ray and Mikey and a pissed off Gerard.

“What the hell does he know.”

“He knows that you hurt Paisley and that you still love her,” Ray said following Frankie.

“He also knows that you’re an asshole with a black heart. All you’ve ever done is treat Paisley bad,” Mikey got up and followed Ray.
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