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you said youd try...and look what happened.

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avenged sevenfold story! zacky and melina fall in love, have kid, split..and now zacky is regretting it...whats melina think?

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"uncle Matt!" my 5 year old daughter, Cindy, yelled as she ran from beside me to
my brother in the living room, where he was sitting on the couch.

i shut the front door behind and continued watching them hug.

"how you doing, kiddo? how was your first day of school?" Matt asked her.

she smiled in his lap.

"i got in trouble and momma had to pick me up" she said proudly.

Matt frowned and looked at me, still by the front door.

"she hit someone and cursed at him" i said before he asked.

Matt shook his head and looked at Cindy.

"Cindy, youre not supposed to do that at school" Matt said sternly

Cindy frowned.

"well Daddy said i could. he said if any of them kids gave me a problem, i can
kick their ass" she replied.

"CINDY!" i yelled. she turned her head from Matt to me.

"yes Momma?"

"you are not allowed to say those type of words"

"how come Daddy can?"

"because Zacky thinks hes the shit" Matt answered for me.

" the shit too" she said matter of factly

Matt and i sighed. then Matt ruffled her dark brown hair and lifted her off him. he
pushed her towards the kitchen.

"go say hi to Grandma while i talk to Melina" he told her. she smiled and then
headed off to the kitchen.

i went and sat next to my older brother of a year. he was about to say something
when the front door opened and 4 guys came tumbling in. they all landed on the

"i told you we cant all fit through the door at the same time" Jimmy Sullivan said
as he stood up first.

the other guys, Zacky Baker, Brian Haner, and Johnny Seward, got up and
mumbled under their breaths.

"yall are stupid for 21 year olds" i said as they came into the living room and sat
their lazy asses on the other 2 couches.

"you shouldnt be talking, Melina. at least we werent pregnant at 15" Johnny said.

i glared at him.

"shut up. youre 18. you dont know anything, shrimp"

"i know that being 20 with a 5 year old sucks"

"i know you love the 5 year stop dissing me"

he shut up and then everybody started laughing at him. then Cindy came into the
living room again.

"Daddy!" she yelled and ran into Zackys lap. he hugged her.

Cindy was small for age and fragile. she also had asthma but she didnt mind it.
she had just as much fun as any other kid..maybe even more because her dad
was a rockstar. you never saw kids like Cindy running around. she was different.
she was my mini me with her emo bangs and purple hair tips. she only dressed in
black tees and ripped jeans. she loved her studded belt, converse, and her silver
necklace with the deathbat charm...she was...unique.

i smiled as i watched father and daughter stare into each others jade green eyes,
the only physical feature they stared since Cindy looked like me.

"how was the first day of school?" Zacky asked her.

"it was fun, Daddy" she replied.

Matt and i looked at each other. we knew she was leaving out the part about her
getting in trouble for Zackys next question.

"wow! are you going to tell me how it went?" Cindy smiled and nodded her head.

then she looked around at everyone.

"do you really want to know?" she asked everyone.

"of course Cin" Brian said. Jimmy and Johnny nodded their heads.

she smiled again and looked at Zacky.

"well Momma took me to school early in the morning. i didnt want to go but
Momma and uncle Matt said i had too. then we get to school and this big lady
with orange hair says her name is Mrs Johnson and shes gonna be my 'kindy-
garden' teacher. i dont like her too much 'cause she said i couldnt color my bird
black. then she made everyone stand in front of the class and talk about ourselves.
so i went up there and talked about myself-"

"whatd you tell them Cin?" Brian asked, interupting her.

"i was getting there uncle Syn....well when i went up there, this kid named Anthony
told me i looked scary and i told him to shut up. then i told everybody that my
name was Cindy Baker and i was 5 years old. i told them i had a mommy and a
daddy who both play guitar and thats when everyone said cool and i smiled. then i
told them about my uncle Matt and uncle Syn and uncle Jimmy and uncle Johnny.
they said i had a lot of uncles. i told them i know. then i told them that i like
scary movies and that my favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold because my
uncles and daddy were in it. they didnt believe me so i showed them a picture"
she stopped and pulled a torn magazine article out her jean pocket. it showed a pic
of A7X and an article dissing the bands album. "then they believed-ed me. then the
teacher said my turn was over. i was sad 'cause i didnt want my turn to be over.
then everybody else went and then Mrs Johnson said it was time for recess. so
we got in a line and went outside to the playground. this girl named Jenny said if i
wanted to play with her so i did. then that Anthony boy came over to me and told
me his momma knew my momma from high school. his momma was my
mommas teacher and his momma knew Daddy too. he said his momma said i
was a mistake and that my momma and daddy shouldnt even had me. then i got
mad and hit him in the stomach and told him not to talk shit about my momma
and daddy 'cause they love me. and he said that they didnt...that they never did
and i hit him again and called him a bitch then Mrs Johnson came over and took
me off him 'cause i was beating him up. then some other lady called Momma and
Momma picked me up.....the end" she smiled, pleased about her story...but we
werent so pleased.

i looked at Zacky and he looked uncomfortable.

"hey Cindy, i think i hear Grandma calling you" i lied.

Cindy quickly scrambled off Zackys lap and ran to the kitchen.

"im going to beat up that Anthony munchkin." Jimmy blurted out as soon as Cindy
was out of hearing distance.

"man, thats gotta be Ms Hymels kid. she was pregnant at the same time Melina
was" Brian said.

"well at least she had a reason to beat him up" Zacky mentioned. "if she did it just out
of nowhere id get after her...but she didnt" Zacky was looking at me as he said
this. everyone noticed.

"youre only saying that because you did the same thing in school. if someone
dissed Melina because she was pregnant, youd beat the shit out of them" Johnny

the guys looked from Zacky to me a couple of times.

"why are you guys so quiet? whats going on?" Matt asked.

"nothing" Zacky and i replied at different times.

"are yall back together?" Brian asked.

"pssh...yeah right...hes still with that slut!" i raised my voice but didnt yell. i didnt
want Cindy to hear me.

everyone remained silent after my statement. all you could hear was Cindy talking
to my mom in the kitchen.

"Gramma, how come Momma and Daddy arent like the other mommas and come they dont hug and kiss?"

"because, sweetie, your parents arent together"

"why not?"

"because they dont love each other anymore"

"does that mean that they dont love me?"

i looked at Zacky when she asked that. he was still looking at me. he looked hurt.

"of course not, pumpkin. your mom and dad love you with all their hearts"

"okay Gramma...can i help make cookies?"

"man, that kid is seriously messed up in the head" Jimmy said, covering up my
moms answer to Cindys question.

"shut up! no shes not!" Zacky exclaimed. "shes just confused. that fuckin' kid put
stupid ideas in her head" he sighed and then just walked out the house.
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