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Chapter Ten: Black & White

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Chapter Ten: Black & White
Song: SOIL - Unreal

A mighty essence of strength and power vanquished my entire body as I walked, head held high as if playing the roll of God, I walked, and I didn’t stop. And for the first time in my entire life I felt invisible. I felt strong and unstoppable, and in a way I was. Frank Iero couldn’t take back the information I had, it was clearly impossible. He was on his knees, and I was above him where I belonged all along. He had his fair goes of making my life a living hell, but his fun finished long ago, as my mother had always said “sharing is caring.”

And she was right.
She was always right.


The everlasting smirk that I held with pride grew wider as the clock that hung brightly above us all indicated I had approximately 10 minutes or so to get to his room and “pay him a little visit.”

I chuckled evilly as I sneakily stole a pair of scissors whilst passing another reception desk, thankful the nurse was chatting away on the phone. I ran my fingers over the sharpened blades, I wasn’t going to hurt him physically, but I new for a fact I was going to hurt him emotionally. The same way he had injured my fragile mind. He played with my mind, he destroyed all my dreams, all my hopes and worst of all he took away my brother, he took away my mother and to top it all, he destroyed the only image I had of my loving Grandmother and he new that.

The small golden digits of room “138” caught my attention, I was close and I new it. I counted upwards as my pace got gradually slower, the vibrations of excitement seemed to trail there ways throughout my entire body as I shivered from the sudden draft of cold win.

“Room 238”

“Room 239”

“Room 340”

And there it stood, tall and large just like his ego. The golden letters seemed polished to perfection making the door beside his seen small and filthy. “Room 341” I whispered as I ran my finger tips down the soft roughly painted white door. The sudden flash of numbers changing on the overly large black digital clock brought my out of my trance as the red numbers “6:53” shun more brightly than before

I licked my lips to bring the moister back as they had become overdramatically dry. My eyes circled the entire hall that was suddenly deserted, the few echoes of muffled voice and chatter was heard, but the entire hallway seemed deathly empty. Licking my lips once more, I brought my left ear to the cold wood of Frank Iero’s door, and listened.

And one more.. Silence.

He wasn’t in his room, and I was ecstatic. It would give me more time to snoop around and maybe just maybe have a little “fun.”

I rested my hand against the wood as my fingers brushed against the cold metallic door knob. This was it, and there was no turning back now.

Frank shook his head childishly. “Rule number two Gerard.”

I began to shake my head furiously as the tears dropped, I collapsed to my knees as he held the image high above my head, he grinned softly as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue lighter. “Rule number two Gerard..” he repeated as the lighter’s clicked and a crimson flame blew around as if mocking me.

“P-Please, a-anything b-but that.”

Frank shook his head, a glimpse of pity appeared, but as quickly as it game it disappeared, his mouth forced into a straight line, his face held no emotion as he whispered “Rule number two Gerard, never show your weaknesses to those who will kill you.”

And with that, he aloud the flame to in light the photograph witch my Grandmother had given to me a week before she died.

“Don’t g-give up Gerard. Keep fighting. Don’t let this Aphephobia hold you back o-okay?” Her voice ran in my head as the photo began to cringe and slowly evaporate. Frank aloud the image to flutter to the tile floor. I watched as the crimson’s and oranges blended together, the black smoke flowing above until finally it gave out with nothing left to burn.

I held back the sobs.

I couldn’t cry. I was suppose to be the “perfect pupil.” I was suppose to destroy Frank, I was suppose to show him I could learn his lesson without crying.. without being weak.

“2 lessons down, 8 to go.”

I cringed at the memory as I shut my eyes firmly, I lifted my right arm and took hold of the door knob. “For Elena.” I whispered harshly as I twisted it open. The door creaked spookily as I pushed it causing it to slowly glide open, the nervousness slowly fading as it began to revel the dimly lighted hospital room.


The entire room was perfect. And it startled me. The room was a sky blue much like mine, the hospital bed sat neatly and perfectly straight in the middle of the room, all wire’s and such hanging untangled and straight. The white sheets sat delicately clean and stainless on the hospital bed in perfect line with the matrices and pillow case that was fluffed to its fullest integrity.

The small desk beside Frank’s bed was a light grey with a dark blue stripe as its border. Six pens sat nearly and straight under the florescent cream cone shaped lamp. 2 Black, 2 Red & 2 Blue. A neat pile of white paper accompanied the pens, and much like the pens they lay perfectly straight, a pare of 6 I guesses. The entire room was clean, and I mean too clean. The guitar case rested against the left side of the room, and instead of papers and pens the desk beside the guitar had multiple hair products and deodorants, all lined with each other in height and color coordination.

My jaw dropped slightly as I entered the room, I shot one final glance at the clock 6:55PM, before I shut the door and walked deeper and deeper into what seemed to be his mind, his core of obsession.

I roamed his room in awe, so this was the life of Frank Iero?

I ran my fingers over the white sheets causing crinkles in the flawless white sheets. The creases seemed out of place as I lifted the two blades of the scissors and slashed into the white sheets causing a gash of imperfection. I was destroying his obsession, and I was fucking loving it.

I swung my body onto the mattress, it sunk under my weight as I lay my body down and rested my head against the fluffed pillow, I aloud my head sink into the soft pillow as I breathed heavily shutting my eyes for a moment. I ran my palms across the white fabric of his ruined and imperfect sheets.

I buried my face into his soft pillow, the sent that filled my nostrils caused my mouth to water. Cheap cologne that smelt of vanilla and a hint of cinnamon caused my head to spin and my eyes to feel heavy with sleep. I lifted my now weak and wiry body and ripped the sheets further and threw the pillow against the lamp causing it to tumble and crash onto the floor, the shards of glass tumbled across the tiled floors, and I was thankful I decided to wear my converse.

I leaned back and rested my body against the mattress. A loud thumping of footsteps was heard in the distance, a small smirk appeared on my face.

He was coming. That means the clock had finally struck 7, witch means he had came looking for me, but obviously he couldn’t find me anywhere, but little did he know I was right here in his nest all along.

The foot steps got gradually louder until they stopped right outside the door, I heard the shuffling of feet and then it happened, the soft screech of the door opening. The dark figures head was bowed, bangs of black hair covered his face as he entered the room and shut the door, he didn’t seem to notice me, that is until he took two steps forward and the loud crutch of broken glass caused him to slowly lift his head.

Let the games begin motherfucker..

His green hazel eyes seemed to turn into an almost dark shade of green as they met mine. He soon broke the gaze as he looked around at his once prefect room. His left hand took hold of his right and he began to scratch, his shoulder twitched as he looked at the broken shards on the floor, the bed imperfect and messed and ripped.

“What. The. Fuck.” He spat as he shot me a dark glare, his eyes lost all color, and I wasn’t going to lie, I was fucking petrified.

Frank took a step close, but froze as another loud crunch erupted into the deathly silence, his entire body shook lightly as he scratched more fiercely. And as before, all fear was gone and I felt in power once more, I was in control and he new it.

“What’s the matter Frank? Its just a little messy, I’m sure you don’t mind, or do you?” My tongue trailed my top lip as he stared at my, fear pierced his eyes for a moment by soon disappeared as he eyes me coldly once more.

“Get the fuck out of my room Gerard.”

My lips curved into a full tooth grin as I shook my head childishly. “Now, now Frankie baby, I let you stay in my room, so its only far if I stay in yours.” I straightened myself as I ran my fingers over the table beside his bed, I smiles sheepishly as I eyed him and flicked the two black pens from there original places causing the others to be knocked into crooked positions. Frank’s entire body twitched as he formed two fists. “Stop it!” he screeched.

I laughed harshly. “Its only pens Frankie, nothing to be worried about.” He shut his eyes forcefully, wrapping his arms around his chest. “Sop it Gerard please.” His voice no longer loud, but small and weak.

The sensation of power, of control was driving me crazy. The adrenaline rush was coercing through my entire body as Frank stood eyes low as he concentrated on the two black pens, in a swift movement he felt to his knees, the crush of broken glass dug into his flesh, but it didn’t seem to faze his as he began to pick up each and every shard of broken glass. The sharp shards cut his flesh, he yelped as cringed but didn’t stop.

I couldn’t help but feel somewhat sympathy for the boy who was now bleeding as he hand picked the broken glass. “Frank stop it.” I whispered.

Frank ignored me as his hand were now covered with his own blood, the crimson liquid seeping through his jeans as he continued to pick up the shards of broken glass.

Why did I do this?

I leant forward. “Frank stop!” I snapped.

Franks body froze as his now tear soaked eyes met him. “Fuck off.” He spat. “Don’t tell me what to do faggot.”

Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s a fucking prick.

My body shook with anger, I was trying to help him, after everything he did to me, and this is how he repays me, he calls me a faggot, when in fact he is the faggot.

This fucker is going down.

I pushed myself up and walked towards the desk beside his bed once more. “Funny you mention the word faggot Frank.” I felt his two eyes pierce into me as I fiddled with the red and blue pens, in a swift movement I slowly pushed them of the edge and I watched as all four of them his the ground with a loud thump.

“Ooops.” I smirked as our eyes met. “Accident.” I stated as Frank’s arms twitched.

I swung myself on his shredded bed and watched as his body shook from rage. I loved the sight of him squiring, as a matter of fact I loved the sight of anyone squirming in anger and discomfort, it was like a fucking addiction I had. I dug my hands under the shredded blankets and froze suddenly as my fingers came in contact with a small piece of paper. The excitement grew, as I suddenly pointed towards a large shard on the floor, “missed a piece.”

Frank eyed me darkly and then turned towards the large piece of glass, he looked deep in consideration as it was obvious he was trying his best not to give into temptation. I took this change to pull out the image, my eyes brightened as an elderly man stood next to a younger Frank in a hospital gown. He was an old man, his head left with little hair as his hospital gown hung loosely from his large frame. He sat on a plastic chair, Frank sitting on his lap and smiling widely.

The nurse wasn’t lying, comparing this photo to the Frank that stood in front of him at that very moment, or better still the Frank he new from school was completely different. He looked happy, content even. And I hated him, I fucking hated him. He had a father that cared and loved him, but I didn’t, all I had was Elena, but she was taken away from me, and now, I was going to take this away from Frank.

“How you hanging in there Frank? Still haven’t picked up that little piece of glass I see, ah such a shame. You might need some help cleaning that up, why don’t you call James, I’m sure he’ll like you in tha-“ I was cut of by the sudden force of being slammed into the headboard of the bed, the breath was knocked into me as Frank straddled my hips and griped my neck tightly as I coughed and chocked for air. I tried to push him away but failed as my entire body suddenly busted into a fit of pain, I struggled to get free but he held me down, his bloody hands soaking my t-shirt as I tossed and turned.

“You know what Gerard, your right, I’m a fucking faggot, but you know what you are, you’re a mother fucking loser.”

The pain was rapidly getting worse as I my breathing stop entirely.

Get him off.

With all my strength I pushed him of my body, he lost balance as he slid of the bed and landed with a loud crush onto the floor, he screeched in pain as the glass dug into his back, I held my chest as I breathed heavily for air, my chest burnt as my raged breath increased. I slid of the opposite side of the bed, photograph still in hand as I backed away towards the small desk with all his air products. “T-This isn’t over fucker!” I spat as I rammed my hand across the products as they all flew to the floor with a loud crash.

Franks limp body could be seen as his chest feel and rises heavily. “Fuck you.” He spat as his limp body lifted itself. He took a step towards me and swerved slightly as he regained balance.

I laughed harshly. “What’s the matter Frank , James ram you up the ass to hard that you cant walk?”

Franks eyes widened as he took another step towards me, I held out the crumbled image.

I watched with a devious smile as his face fell, as his eyes dropped and became a small grey as they glazed with tears, as he eyed the photograph.

“Rule number 3 Frank. Seek out those who have done you wrong, and have your revenge.”

The liquid tears feel down his hazel eyes, and I could help but feel regret, but I wouldn’t allow it to stop me.

“D-Don’t p-please, anything b-but that!” He sobbed as he collapsed to his knees. “T-That’s all I have l-left.”

The rage, the anger, the hate, it had never been so strong. How fucking dare he?! How fucking dare he sit there and ask me not to take this away from him, when I was in his exact same position.

“How fucking dare you.” My voice low, and fielded with the venom of my emotions as I eyed him. “How dare you ask me to spare this, when I did the very same Frank.. You have fucking guts you know that? I cant believe you think I wont do it, when you destroyed Elena’s photo! Well you know what Frank fuck you.”

Frank was sobbing loudly as he brought his knees to his chest and hugged tightly. “P-Please..” he pleaded eyeing me with those dull green eyes.

“Fuck you.” I spat once more. “I’m not as heartless as you Frank Iero, I will fucking spare you the nightmares. I will fucking destroy this, but unlike you, I wont do it in front of you Frank.. I’ll send you the ashes.”

I turned my back and walked towards the door. The loud cries of Franks sobbing caused me to turn my back. “Hey Frank.” I waited until he faced me, his face scared with tears and died blood. “3 lessons down, 7 to go.”

A harsh sob escaped his lips as I harshly spat, “sound familiar?!”

With that I shut the door with a loud bang, but I didn’t move. I stood still and ran my fingertips over the photograph.

I swore on Elena’s grave I would destroy him, and I did.

But this wasn’t the end, this was the fucking start.

I looked at the roughly painted white door, and for some unknown reason it seemed abnormally smaller than it was once I arrived. I turned my back and began to walk down the empty hallway, just in time to hear a loud cry that sent shivers down my body.

The world seemed to stop as I walked further and further away from his door. Nurses upon nurse rushed towards the screaming voice, I flinched at they brushed past me. My skin tingled from the quick touches as they run, completely ignoring me.

Frank voice rung through the entire hospital, and it felt somewhat horrible familiar. He sounded much like myself when I would cry for help, when I would scream in agony, and then it occurred to me.

We were so familiar, yet at the same time so different.
We were black and white…


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alllssssoo, YES! THIS IS SLASH. It is a "frerard" so dont worry, im sorry its taking ages for them to fall for eachother.. buts it soon, i promise. I want this to be original, so i dont want the whole "LETS GET MARRIIIEEDDD!" shit in the first chapter. MKKAAAYYSS? Its happen soon, so keep calm. :)
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