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That's strike three

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jealousy is an ugly virtue

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-About a week later-

Izzie shuffled into the waiting room in the airport. Their flight from Germany to London was supposed to leave at 6:00 am, which left the three bands sleepy and grouchy. She walked over to the bench where her band was sitting, half asleep. “Move over.” She shoved Steve, sitting on the end.
“No.” He groaned, slouching to rest his head on the back of the chair.
“Fine.” She crawled over top of them, lying down with her head in Taylor’s lap, her stomach in Kyle’s and her feet in Steve’s. She closed her eyes in an attempt to nap. Taylor shifted, making her head jostle around. “Quit fidgeting.” She reached up, smacking him in the face.
“There’s something hard digging into my thigh.” He poked at her bag that she was using as a pillow.
“That’s what SHE said!” Kyle smirked.
“That’s my computer.” Izzie dropped the bag on the ground.
“Can I borrow it? I want to look up our schedule.” Taylor pulled the computer out of the bag.
“Knock yourself out.” She yawned. He opened it and propped it on her back.
“What’s this thing on your desktop?” He pointed at the screen.
“You’ll need to be more specific.”
“It’s labeled ‘book’.”
“I’m writing a book.”
“Seriously? About what?” Steve craned his neck to see.
“It’s about me. Don’t look at it.”
“Since when did you write books?” Kyle asked.
“I wanted a side project.” She shrugged.
“Are we in it?” Taylor raised his eyebrows, sliding the computer down to her butt and they all leaned in. She turned her head to see what they were doing. “Don’t read it! I’m not done yet.”
“How come I’m not in it?” Steve complained.
“You’re only on the third page.” Taylor elbowed him in the ribs.
“Stop talking, it’s making your stomach vibrate and it’s freaking me out. And stop reading it, I’ll show you when I’m done.” She poked at his stomach directly in front of her face.

Izzie jerked awake to a banging sound coming from the roof outside her room. Her heart racing, she felt under her bed for anything to be used as a weapon. She grabbed a tennis racket from her two-week foray into organized athletics. She sneaked over to the window and flung the window open. In the She could barely make out a shadowy figure waving at her and a wide white grin in the moonlight. “Jesus Christ, Pete. You almost gave me a heart attack.” She gasped, opening the window and tugging her tank top up her chest and her shorts down her legs in a feeble attempt to cover more skin.
“Sorry.” He shrugged, staring down her shirt as she tried to adjust it. “You always complain that I never come over here and you always have to go over there.” He pointed at his house.
“What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night, I was asleep.” She sighed.
“I need your help.”
“With what?”
“I got mad at my car window.” He held up his hand, covered in blood.

They arrived at the hotel in London to discover that they were booked for one room too few. “I’m so sorry.” The receptionist shook her head. “I don’t know how that happened. We don’t have any open rooms.”
“That’s all right.” Patrick smiled politely at her. “Who wants to bunk up?”
“Why don’t we just stick Pete and Izzie together, since they’re always in each other’s rooms anyway.” Ryland suggested.
“Sounds good to me.” Pete nodded, grinning at Izzie.
“I guess so.” Izzie shrugged.
“Perfect.” Alex said, handing out the keys as everyone filed up to their rooms.
“Let me get that for you.” Pete picked up Izzie’s bag as she was about to reach for it.
“You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” She gave him a look.
“Maybe.” He smirked, kissing her cheek as they stepped into the elevator.

“Can you open the door? The key’s in my pocket.” Pete asked when they stopped in front of their room, his hands full with their suitcases. Izzie reached around and slipped her hand in his empty back pocket. She tried the other one as he smirked at her.
“It’s not there.”
“No, it’s in this one.” He pointed at the pocket on the front of his jeans. The one that was dangerously close to his package.
“You’re gross.” She scoffed as he gave a cheesy wink.
“You know you like it.” He grinned slyly.
“Just wait until tonight.” She whispered seductively in his ear as she pulled the key out of his pocket, walking in the room.
“Wait, what’s happening tonight?” He followed her, confused.
“You’ll have to wait and see.”
“Not even a hint?”
“Is it kinky?” he wiggled his eyebrows.
“Not telling.”
“Fine then, I’m going to sleep.” He flopped down on the king sized bed.
“I need to talk to the guys about something, is it cool if they come here?” She picked up the phone, dialing the number for Steve’s room.
“Sure.” Pete mumbled, half asleep.

“Oh my god, Pete! Get in here.” She pulled him in the window and straight into the bathroom. She turned the faucet on, running his hand under the water.
“It doesn’t hurt.” He shook his head as she wiped the blood away with a wet cloth.
“Shut up.” She mumbled.
“Ow!” He flinched, pulling his hand away.
“There’s a piece of glass stuck in it.” She grabbed her tweezers, poking at the palm of his hand. “I need better light.” She pulled him back into her room, sitting him down on the bed. She perched next to him and flipped on the light on the nightstand, holding his hand under it. She carefully picked out the glistening shard and dropped it on the table, along with the tweezers.
“Son of a bitch that was big.” Pete’s eyes widened as he looked at the item that came out of his skin.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. She opened it and was met by her three band mates staring blankly back at her. “You summoned?” Taylor grumbled, stepping into the room.
“We have things we need to discuss.” No sooner had she shut the door, than there was another quiet knock on it. She pulled it open and Nate stood on the other side looking confused and slightly scared.
“Uh…you told me to come to your room?” He looked around nervously.
“We’re having a band meeting.” She nodded.
“Oh, do you want me to come back later then?” Izzie sighed.
“For the next 4 to 6 weeks, you’re IN the band.” She pulled him into the room.
“I thought I was in trouble for something.” He sighed in relief. Izzie glanced back at Pete passed out on the bed.
“Hm…In the bathroom.” She ushered everyone in, quietly shutting the door. They all made themselves comfortable in the cramped room. Kyle perched on the edge of the bathtub, Steve sat on the closed toilet lid, Taylor hopped up on the counter and Nate leaned against the door. “So do we know why we’re here?” Izzie jumped up on the counter next to Taylor.
“We’re going to haze the new kid.” Steve grinned, nodding at Nate.
“No. And he’s not the new kid. He was our drum tech for almost two years. You’ve hazed him enough!” Izzie shook her head.
“Yeah, I still can’t get the blood out of that one pair of shoes.” Kyle nodded.
“We’re here because today’s the 13th. Does anyone know what that means?” she raised her eyebrows.
“It’s unlucky?” Taylor said, pulling a bag of Skittles out of his pocket. “Skittle anyone?” He passed it around.
“Dude, where did you get Skittles?” Steve poured some in his hand.
“Mini bar, Dude.” Taylor grinned, pulling out a tiny bottle of whiskey and drinking it in one gulp.
“It’s like 10 in the morning!” Izzie’s eyes widened. “No, the 13th means we only have six days left until my birthday and we need to plan my party. We need to come up with a theme, I was thinking purple.”
“Purple isn’t a theme…it’s a color.” Taylor mumbled through a mouth full of Skittles.
“Diddy has a white party every year, I want to have a purple party.”
“Any particular shade?” Kyle asked.
“It’s up to interpretation. Nate, you have purple clothes right?” She looked over at him.
“Yeah. I could find something.” He nodded.
“Awesome. I already have the guest list.”
“Is it going to be as many as last year?” Steve scowled.
“Last year was nothing. So far I have about 150. We’ll need to find a club, preferably purple. Now, you all have jobs.”
“What do we have to do?” Taylor sighed.
“Kyle, brainstorm purple foods. Steve, find a location. We’ll be back in New York by then. Taylor, send out email invites. Nate…you can help me.” She nodded.
“What are you doing?” Nate asked, skeptically.
“I don’t know yet.”
“Babe, someone’s at the door for you.” Pete groggily knocked at the bathroom door.
“You can go now.” Izzie said, exiting the room. Pete gave them all a funny look as they filed out of the bathroom. “Band meeting.” Izzie shrugged. She opened the door to the room to be greeted by a pretty, smiling receptionist.
“I’m so sorry we overlooked this when you checked in. This arrived for you this morning.” She held out an envelope
“Thank you.” Izzie took it, reading the return address as the guys all watched the girls butt walk away.


“Ooh, it’s my test.” She ripped it open, throwing the envelope over her shoulder and hitting Nate in the face. She scanned through the formal writing and averages and percentages until she saw what she was looking for. “I PASSED!” She shrieked, throwing her arms in the air. The guys all grinned and squashed her into a group hug.
“It’s a good thing too. If you’d failed, we would have had to kick you out of the band.” Kyle joked.
“Yeah, we can’t have you bringing us down like that.” Taylor laughed.
“We need to go celebrate! I’m a high school graduate!” Izzie bounced up and down.
“You guys go ahead, I’ve got some stuff I have to do.” Pete waved them off.
“Are you sure?” Izzie asked as the guys headed off down the hall to round up anyone else who wanted to come.
“Yeah. I have some work I’ve been putting off that really can’t wait any longer. Congratulations though, I’ll make it up to you tonight.” He grinned, kissing her.
“Ok.” She gave him another peck before skipping off after the guys.

“Are you ok now?” She turned to him, pulling at her shirt again.
“You don’t have to keep doing that, you know.” He glanced down at her chest again.
“My shirt’s too small.” She giggled.
“I don’t mind.” He whispered, scooting closer and gently pressing his lips to hers. She leaned into the kiss as he ran his hand up her shoulder. She pulled away, suddenly.
“What are you doing?” She whispered, turning her eyes to the ground.
“I’m so sorry.” His face turned red. “I didn’t mean to…I’m drunk.” He muttered.
“Pete. You’re straight edge.” She looked up at him.

The group were all slightly tipsy when they returned to the hotel later that night, laughing loudly and stumbling in the entrance. The only ones who hadn’t joined in the fun were Pete and Andy. Izzie froze in the middle of the lobby, causing Gabe to crash into her back. “Whoa, traffic jam!” He laughed. Izzie’s mouth just hung open at the sight in front of her. Pete was leaning against the front desk as the pretty blonde receptionist giggled, giving her his famous smile. He quickly wrote something on a piece of paper, sliding it across the counter to her. She slipped it in her pocket and leaned in, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Joe cleared his throat loudly, making Pete turn in their direction. His eyes widened and all the color drained from his face as he saw everyone staring at him. The receptionist hurried into the back room. Izzie gave him a cold death stare for a moment before grabbing Alex, who happened to be the closest to her, by the shirt and planted her lips on his. She pulled away, glaring at Pete and leaving Alex stunned and confused.
“Come on.” Gabe wrapped an arm protectively around her shoulders, giving Pete a dirty look and lead everyone to the elevators.
“Iz, Baby. It’s not what it looked like.” Pete found his voice and rushed over.
“Just back off.” Gabe held his hand out, keeping him at a distance as Taylor, Kyle and Ryland moved to block him from following them.
“Of course it’s not what it looked like.” Izzie stopped and turned to him. “You were working, right?” She said sarcastically.
“I’m so sorry, Baby.” He pleaded as she continued to the elevator.
“That’s strike three, Pete.” She growled over her shoulder.

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So, I had a question for anyone who might know. Me and my friend Taylor (Yes, the Taylor from the story, but he knows nothing about it.) were discussing and arguing about whether if someone is veggie/vegan and they have a dog, what are the rules about feeding your dog meat flavored dog food. Is your dog vegan too? If you know or have any opinions, please tell me so Tay will stop being a douche.

On another note, I just saw an infomercial for some compilation cd with all the really bad bands (Lit, Crazy Town, 3 Doors Down...) I listened to in like 8th grade. I am SO excited, I'm totally buying it.
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