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A Ninja Is Born

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It's basically the naruto story, but It starts off before the leaf village was built. It also tells a lot about the history, of the leaf village, plus more...

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A long time ago in Konoha, there were four main clans known as Aigoto (aka: Mistwater), DeathSand (known as Sabaku), Wolftail, Foxtail, and many other clans. The clans got along most of the time, but not all the time. When one of the clans didn’t think they were being treated fair, or something like that, they would start a war. There were two types of wars, one is a fight to the death, and the second one is a fight till someone came to break-up the fight. (So let’s start the story, before all the war began, basically this is a little bit before the Leaf Village was first built, ok good, let us begin.)

The four main clans (and the other clans) have been walking for several months, to find a place they could call home. (Before I forget, two families have both carrying a burden in their stomach for some time now.)

As the daylight grew dimmer, the first hokage said, “I need you three to take a look up ahead, ok?” “Ok sir!!!” said the three, before they left to look ahead.

“Hey look you two, I found something!” said one of the runners. “Wow...” said the two, when they finally got to the spot. “That spot must go on for miles. Him and I will run to the hokage and tell him.” said one of the runners, grabbing another runner to come along.

A half an hour later, the two finally met up with the hokage. “Sir we… finally found a spot…” said the two runners, out of breath. “Then let’s go before it gets any darker. Every one, farther ahead is where we’ll finally set up our village!” said the hokage, following the two runners.

“Ok sir, we’re finally here.” said the runners. “Yes this will do, (I don’t know the name of the jutsu the hokage used, so I came up with my own name for it.) Tree summoning jutsu!!!” said the hokage. “Wow, this is so amazing…” said a few villagers awing silently, because of the amazing work the hokage did. “This place shall be called Konoha, Village hidden in the leaves! Foxtail and Wolftail, you gather food and water, Mistwater and Sabaku start building houses, and for any other person/clan help out in any way you can!” said the hokage.

After several more months of house building and food gathering, the village was finally complete. A few days later, the Foxtails had a new-born baby Foxtail. “Dear, do you think she is one of the few chosen Foxtails, because she is born with two tails, and we still only have one tail?” said the mother. “I say it’s possible… how about we name her Kitsune?” said the father. “Yes, that is what her name shall be….” said the mother, quietly.

A few days later the Mistwater clan also had a baby. “Awe, doesn’t he look adorable?” said Kiery, the baby’s mother. “Yes he does… what is that on his left shoulder?” said Felix, the baby’s father. “It seems to be a mark on him. It will most likely go away.” said Kiery “No…that is no mark at all, it’s a curse mark, it’s…it’s the Water Demon Ryou’s curse mark…we can’t let anyone know about this…” said Felix, stuttering. “I don’t care if he has a demon sealed inside of him, he’s still my baby…Mist, and for all I care he could be the most horrible looking baby, or he could be severely/permanently deformed, I’ll still love, care, and protect Mist no matter what he is or what happens to us/him.” said Kiery, starting to get angry. “I’ll still care for him, but as soon as he is one or two years old, I’ll start training him, so he’ll be able to defend himself.” said Felix, pointing at his son.

Three to four years later. “Kitsune!!! you get back here now!!!” said a super angry Jonin. “Only if you can catch me! Nya, Nya!” said Kitsune, running from the Jonin. “Can somebody find someone fast enough to catch Kitsune?!” said the Jonin. “I’ll catch Kitsune!” said Kia. “Don’t even try Kia, you’re five, and you’re no where near fast enough to catch Kitsune.” said the Jonin. “So what if I’m 5, and so what if everyone says I can’t catch her, I know that I’ll catch her, and that’s a promise!” said Kia, as she ran to catch up to Kitsune. “Wow that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen Kia run, she better catch her, if not, and at least she’ll be known as the person who almost caught Kitsune…” said the Jonin to himself.
“Hey Kitsune can’t you go any faster, cause you’re not even making this a challenge?” said Kia. “Nice Kia, I’ve never seen you go this fast, if you really want to catch me you’ll have to be faster.” said Kitsune, as she started to run even faster. “Ok then Kitsune, shadow clone Jutsu!” said Kia. Then after a couple hand signs a poof of clouds came up. “Now everyone let’s get Kitsune at our top speed!” said Kia. “Ok!” said the clones. “I guess you finally got me Kia.” said Kitsune poof “Gross! It was a mud clone.” said Kia as her clones went poof, with a cloud of dust then disappeared. (Kitsune reveals herself behind a piece of camouflage.) “I guess you didn’t catch me Kia.” said Kitsune. “No I will catch you Kitsune!” said Kia, before she tapped a wire that trapped herself in a net. “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Kia I thought you could do better that that, well I’ll be seeing you later, bye-bye Kia!” said Kitsune, as she poofed away. “I’ll get you some day Kitsune!” said Kia, as she shook her fist in the net.

“KITSUNE!!! You’re late!” said her teacher angrily. “I know, I know.” said Kitsune. “And since you’re late we’ll be practicing… hey where’s Collin?” said the teacher. “Here I am, I was helping two old men cross the street.” said Collin, as he walked in. “Yeah right, you were sleeping in.” said Kitsune, taunting Collin. “No! I do actually help out with that kind of stuff. “Whatever Collin, I have no time to argue with you.” said Kitsune, folding her arms.

Then a couple minutes later, Kitsune jumped out the window to have lunch. Just as soon as Kitsune was about to take a bite of her lunch, someone threw a rock at her lunch. “Ok! Who the hell was the person that threw a rock at my ongori?!” said Kitsune holding up a fist angrily. “I…. I did…” said a kid in a very scared voice. “That was my only lunch, you bastard!!!” said Kitsune walking up to the group angrily. “We’re really sorry Kitsune, we meant to throw the rock at the kid at the other table. “Ok then, who’s gonna pay for it, and who’s the person that actually threw the rock?!” said Kitsune. The group pointed to a young boy with red spiky hair, with yellow tips at the end of each spike. “I should punch you, but I’ll let it go this time, but if it ever happens again, I’ll make sure you get a broken/Bloody nose!” said Kitsune as she walked away. Then the group ran away, coming close to wetting their pants.

“Oh man I hope I’ll have some time to spy on Konema?” said Kitsune, performing a jutsu that made her turn invisible temporally. (Konema is Kitsune’s crush, yet he doesn’t realize it.) “Wow, I didn’t catch Kitsune spying on me today!” said Konema. ring! “Man I hate it when the bell rings…” said Kitsune, as she made herself visible once again.

“Ok class, your homework is to practice molding up chakra.” said the teacher “Awww, I was hopeing that we didn’t have any homework.” said someone. "Yeah, me too" said another kid.

Just as Kitsune was leaving the academy, to go to the Foxtail dorm, someone threw a rock at her torso. “Ouch! That hurt!” said Kitsune, dropping to her knees. “Get up Demon, well only if you can!” said a boy with yellow hair. “You’ll want to stop throwing rocks at me, or you’ll get hurt.” said Kitsune, getting up, while cracking her neck. “Why don’t you make me, Oh wait you can’t, because you only have three tails, and Kyubi isn’t here to help/protect you!” said the Boy throwing a few more rocks. “You’ll regret you continued to throw those rocks at me!” said Kitsune. Then all of the sudden, Kitsune went into a trance like state. “You’ll die now!!!” said Kitsune, running up to the boy, and then disappeared on top of a building. “Wha… Where did… she go?” said the boy look in all directions, then running off, while wetting himself.

A couple seconds after the boy ran away, Kitsune came out of the trance. “Where am I, what just happened?” said Kitsune. Because Kitsune was confused and did not know where she was, she too one single step, and started to fall off of the 100ft building. “Ahhhh! Someone, please help me!!!” said Kitsune, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Huh? I wonder what that is about…Don’t worry I’ll help you Kitsune!” said a Boy, running to catch Kitsune. tap… tap…tap was all you heard as the boy ran, then he made a huge 77ft jump, and caught Kitsune.

When Kitsune finally opened one of her eyes, she realized that someone had caught her. “Kyubi-san, is that you?” said Kitsune, still in the arms of the person who caught her. “Ummm… I’m not Kyubi, I am Mist, Kitsune.” said Mist, still holding Kitsune. “Thanks for catching me, and saving my life Mist, but how do you know my name?” said Kitsune blushing in embarrassment. “I’m in the same class as you Kitsune, and I sit in the back, and I’m quiet most of the time, also, don’t forget to practice molding up chakra, it’s gonna be on the exam.” said Mist, as he put Kitsune down. “Thanks Mist.” said Kitsune, as she walked away. Then as she started to walk away, a mist started to surround her. “Kitsune, I put a mist veil around you, that will only last till you get home, and so no one else will throw any more rocks at you!”said Mist, shouting, as he walked away.

This is still an unfinished story, for one reason, and that reason is I have to type about 15 more hadwritten pages on to this story, I hope you like reading what i got so far.
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