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Author's Note: Words can't express how sorry I am for lack of updates, so I offer you all fig trees and bollywood movies to make up for it.

lil_chica - haha. glad you thought so.
snowqueendruscilla - you almost fall off your bunk? wow. i feel an odd sense of accomplishment.
glindapsawyer - this song made me convert. lol.
Jamie-core - i'm not nearly as talented as moocow, duckapple and a lot of other authors on ficwad, but thanks a million for the compliment.
x_slowdown - have fun!
pyrotechnist - YMCA = partayyy! fo'real.
flawedrainbow - thank you. i hope you're still reading this.
kittkattbar - aww, thanks. junior prom was alright, but senior prom definitely took the cake. we had a party bus with 2 TVs and a stripper pole ^__^
Mikeysgirl - i really don't know how i come up with the pranks. i usually watch release the bats then ponder about the antics that ensued afterwards.
xStabxMyxBack - high five! the live in phoenix dvd makes me smile much more than it should. s00per nostalgia.
prettyodd - toasted pinapple and a sushi flavored popsicle. muy interesante ;)
XXPoeticTragedyXX - gabe en espanol es muy sexxxy.
SugarPlumFaerie - anyone getting party boyed is pretty hilarious. haha.

Now onto the story...

35: d a n c e , d a n c e

Gabe’s POV

“You know what?”
“Chicken butt!” Ryland instantly replied.
“Well, that’s a given, but I think our prank war victory calls for a celebration,” I said, taking a seat.
“Anything in mind?” Vicky asked.
“I think a party’s in order once we get to the hotel.”
“I’ll get the food!” Matt yelled.
“I’ll get the booze!” Bryce added.
“I’ll get the pinata!” Dirty said, jumping onto Suarez’s back.

Joe’s POV

“Hey, man, are you getting in on this?” Dirty asked, holding the video camera.
“Getting in on what?”
“Urie and Saporta are gonna battle it out in the dance floor.”
“Didn’t they already do that?”
“Yeah, but this is the rematch.”

A circle of spectators formed as the two lead singers stretched out and warmed up.
“Get ready to lose, Gabe.”
“Shut up and dance, Brendon.”

Do your D-A-N-C-E
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Stick to the B-E-A-T
Get ready to ignite…

As Steve Aoki’s remix pumped through the speakers, they started moving to the beat. Gabe was doing the same 2-step, but soon enough, he was on the floor doing the coffee grinder. Seeing that Brendon was in trouble, Spencer commandeered the music and switched the song to the Medic Droid’s cover of Into the Groove.

Get into the goorve
Boy, you’ve got to prove your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy, what will it be?

Brendon took advantage of the change and pulled out his best disco moves. It was neck to neck as they both imitated John Travolta’s performance from Saturday Night Fever.

Once Spencer stepped down, Vicky took the role of DJ and put on the tie breaking song.

It's close to midnight and something evil's a-lurkin' in the dark
Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,
You're paralyzed…

To our surprise, neither of the men knew what to do when the chorus came along.
This left me to show them.

“What’s Trohman doing?”

I stepped in between the two and proved that the Michael Jackson music videos on my iPod weren’t there just for show.

“Damn! He’s taking them to school!”

Brendon’s POV

…For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller…

As the song came to an end, Joe moonwalked past us and gave Dirty the thumbs up.

“Dude, you never told us you could dance!”
“You never asked,” he said, shrugging.

Sophie wrapped him in a bear hug from behind. “You kicked ass!”
“You’ve gotta teach me your moves sometime,” Gabe added.
“Yeah, for sure.”

A sudden pounding at the door caught my attention.

“Sounds like management.”

Pete opened the door, and as expected, a short man in a hotel uniform was on the other side. They talked for a few seconds, then he called Patrick, Andy and Joe over to the door.

“Think they’re gonna shut us down?” I asked.
“Believe me, it’ll take more than a little boy in a suit to break this up,” Soap commented.

Moments later, Pete tucked something into the guy’s coat pocket and shut the door.

“How much did that cost you?” I asked.
“Free 99.”
“Yeah, we just autographed a napkin for him,” he said, smirking. “I guess it’s that Wentz charm.”
“Please, the guy was totally checking me out,” Patrick interjected.
“Yeah, Pete. He’s got you there,” Andy added.

The bassist huffed in mock sadness as they Sophie gave them high fives.

“Aww, don’t worry Wentz,” Gabe said, somewhat tipsy. “I still think you’re suuuuuper sexy.”
“No homo?”
“You tell me,” he said, stepping a little too close for comfort.
“Soap, a little help here?”

With a devious smile, she stepped behind him, trapping Pete in the middle of a gyrating love sandwich.

Dirty laughed as he got all of it on video. “I get paid to get wasted and get shit like this on tape. I LOVE MY LIIIIFE!”

Soap’s POV

“Oh, Jesus…”

As I opened my eyes, I noticed that I wasn’t on a mattress. Instead, I was on the floor, splayed out on a Twister mat with Gabe laying across my chest.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Ryland said, walking past.
“What happened last night?”
“We had a Twister tournament, and it was down to you and loverboy, which was really surprising since you were both pretty shitfaced. Anyways, he fell. You won. Then you both passed out.”
“Haha. Sounds like we had a lot of fun.”

Gabe groaned as he lifted his head.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”
“Am I squishing you?”
He chuckled. “Sorry.”

Gabe slowly rolled off me.

“Mind if I use the bathroom first?” I asked.
“Nope. Go ahead.”
“Thanks,” I said, planting a kiss on his cheek.
“De nada,” he sleepily mumbled into the carpet.

After combing my hair and washing my face, I definitely felt more awake. Nate, on the other hand, groggily wandered around the room, waiting for me to finish up.

“Soaaaap. I need to use the bathroom.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll be out in a sec.”
“I could get uromisotisis poisoning and die!”
“Yeah, yeah. I’ve seen that episode of Seinfeld.”

As I squeezed Colgate Plus onto my toothbrush, I could hear Gabe shuffling around the room.

“Soap, where did I put my Sidekick?” he asked, looking under the couch cushions.
“It’s in your hoody pocket, babe.”
“Thanks,” he called out, simultaneously scanning the room for the purple piece of clothing. “…Umm, where’s my hoody?”
“Inna closet, next to island’s acket,” I responded, with a mouthful of toothpaste.
“How’d it get in there?”
“Brendon an Nate drank oo uch, n wanted to pay ug of war, so I hid it or afekeeping.”
“Good looking out.”

After making a short phone call, Gabe leaned against the bathroom doorway and watched me brush my pearly whites.

“What would I do without you, Sophie?” I shrugged my shoulders.
“Ionessy owo.”

He cocked his eyebrow and shot me a confused look. “I caught the other stuff, but I have no idea what you just said.”

Chuckling, I spit out the toothpaste then wiped my mouth. “Sorry. I said I honestly don’t know,” I replied, washing my hands.

“It’s cheesy, but think I’d be lost without you.”
“Well it’s a good thing you have me around, then,” I said, taking his hand into mine. He smiled and took my other hand into his, closing the space between us.

“Soap, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”
“What’s up?”
“Well, tour’s coming to an end in a few days and I was wondering if you possibly wanted to move in with me. I know it’s only been two months, but--”
“Yeah, of course I will.”
“I know Chicago’s a long way from New York but--” he paused, catching himself mid-sentence “Wait. Are you serious? I mean, you have a job and everything…”
“Hair stylists are in high demand. Unless everyone in New York went bald just now, I think I’ll be able to find work.”

Standing on my tiptoes, I planted a kiss of reassurance on his lips.

“Guys, could you get a room? I really need to take a piss,” Nate said, standing in the doorway.
“We already have a room. You’re in it,” Gabe responded, closing the door in his face.
“Aww, dude, that’s cold!”

While the hungover drummer continued banging on the door, we laughed and locked lips.

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