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He is...

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The intro to an idea for a full-fledged story. Let me know if it works and I'll finish it.

Category: Doctor Who - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2008-06-20 - Updated: 2008-06-21 - 213 words

It was August. It was hot. Deathly hot. Hot-like-you-never-want-to-move-away-from-the-AC hot. The inside of the shop was cool enough to be tolerated. The blonde girl sat at the counter, cheerfully talking with her friend. A convenience store was the perfect place to beat the heat. Customers came and went.

It was just after 4pm when her world changed again. Rose was nursing a bottle of water when a man in a dark suit came up to the counter to pay. He bought a paper and a soda. When the girl at the register had counted back his change, he turned his head to Rose.
Rose looked at him, but said nothing.
“He’s here.”
“What?” she said, not comprehending.
“He’s here.” The man repeated.
“Who? Who’s here?”
“He is.” The man said plainly.
A cold chill went up Rose’s spine. In her life, there were precious few people that didn’t need names.
“And he’s looking for you.”
“Who is?” panic and hope were starting to creep into her mind.
“He is.”
“How do I know…”
“He killed a sun for you.” And with that, the man turned and left the store. All Rose could do was stand there and watch him walk out into the blistering London afternoon
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