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Chapter 14

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Gerard fights back!

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“Who the fuck are you?” Gerard demanded as the car raced along the roads, Simons driving aggressively but trying to keep roughly to the speed limits so as to not attract too much attention.
“You can ask Frankie when you see him,” Simons replied without taking his eyes from the road.
“He doesn’t know.”
“Oh,” he laughed, “he does now. I gave him an incentive to improve his memory and it all came flooding back.”
“What did you do to him?” Gerard snapped angrily.
“Nothing,” he shook his head. “Nothing at all… to him.”
Gerard’s eyes widened. “Mikey?”
Simons laughed again. “Yes, poor Mikey,” he briefly turned cold eyes to Gerard. “I found his screams and the begging for mercy very satisfying. Very expressive eyes, every ounce of pain reflected back in them.”
“You sick bastard!” Gerard replied his eyes widened as he struggled against the cuffs.
Simons reached across and grabbed Gerard’s chin, pulling his head slightly to the left to look at him.
“If I were you, I’d try to remember you’re in a fast car with no seatbelt. If I stand on the brakes, you’ll go through the windscreen like a bullet. Is that how you want to die?”
“You won’t get away with this, they know who you are now! They’ll be looking for you.”
Simons gave a short laugh as he pulled his hand away. “And by the time they find me, you’ll all be dead. I’m only gonna get three of you now, I know that, but when we get there, you and Mikey are dead men. No sweet reunion with your brother just dead, get it?”
“And Frank?” Gerard asked bitterly.
“I’ll make him watch,” he grinned sadistically, “by the time I’m finished with you two, he’ll be begging me to kill you, just to get your screams out of his head. Then I’m gonna leave him, alone, in the dark with just your bodies to keep him company. He’s chained up, so it’s not like he has any chance of escape. No food, no water and he’ll die like that, eventually, probably take about a week. Might even go crazy first?”
“You’re insane!” Gerard shouted, shocked, angry and scared.
“Maybe?” he laughed as he glanced over at Gerard’s dismayed expression. Reaching behind the singer, he pulled hard on the handcuffs. “But what are you gonna do about it?”
Pulling to the side away from his grip, Gerard twisted his body around so he leaned on the locked door, lifting his left leg he kicked hard at Simons’ hand as it held the wheel with enough strength to break it and force the wheel to the left. Screaming in pain, Simons’ hand fell limp as the car skidded across the lanes. Able only to steer with one hand, he tried desperately to pull the out of control car out of its spin, all the while, Gerard kicked. Now propped up against the passenger side of the dashboard, he kicked furiously and repeated, enraged by what he had done to Mikey, by what he planned to do to them still. His right arm now useless from the relentless kicking, Simons turned wild eyes towards Gerard and screamed abuse at the enraged singer. Removing his left hand from the wheel momentarily, he grabbed Gerard’s ankle and pulled sharply. Gerard’s eyes opened wide as the action made him lose his balance and he slipped from the seat and fell to the floor under the dashboard, his legs still up on the seat. Unable to use his hands he struggled to move from his position on the floor of the car, finally realising to his horror that he was trapped as the car continued to spin out of control. Glancing up, he saw a terrified glaze in Simons’ eyes and he froze. Only seconds later a loud bang filled Gerard’s ears and the car shuddered violently. There was a moment when everything seemed to stop, and he was held motionless before the horizon tilted and he knew instantly that the car was headed off the road.
Simons stretched across with his good arm to unfasten his seatbelt before reaching for the door release. Glancing down he glowered at Gerard still lying on the floor, handcuffed, helpless and unable to move.
“You’re still gonna die, Way! All of you!”
Pulling on the catch, the door flew open and he leapt from the moving vehicle. Gerard suddenly found himself being thrown from the floor as he realised to his horror that the car was now heading into a roll. His forehead connected sharply with the dashboard and the pain spread out over the top of his head like water. A veil of blackness covered his eyes as he was, for a few seconds, vaguely aware of being tossed from side to side inside the car as it tumbled erratically downhill, the sound of twisted metal filling his ears. Only seconds later the car came to a grinding halt and everything was suddenly silent.
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