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A Call For Gerard....

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An angry Bob, a horny Gerard, a guilty Frank, a hiding Mikey, and a hungry Ray. My first mcr fic and oneshot!

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This was the fifth time of Frank calling his name, and honestly, Gerard was getting pretty tired of it. What was so important that it has to drag him away from my book? But, of course, knowing Frank, he won't stop until someone somewhere payed him some attention.


Sighing an over dramatic sigh, Gerard got up from his bunk and walked into the other 'room' of the bus where Frank was calling him. Once step inside the so called so called room, that was more like a space of wall covered with a red couch, he was attacked by a flying someone, throwing him back and landing on the ground. And, of course, opening his eyes Gerard saw the small body of his boyfriend sitting on his stomach, smiling at him.

"Hi, Gee!" Frank said, bending down to giving Gerard a kiss on the check and then pouting. "What took you so long?! If you hadn't showed up when you did Bob would've put me in the god damn trashcan!"

Laughing at Frank's pout, Gerard saw Bob coming in from the other part of the bus. "There you are Iero! What makes you think you can just wash all my clothes pink? The outfit I'm wearing is the only things that you haven't ruined!"

Laughing even more, Gerard tried to push Frank off of him and get up. But once he was in sitting Indian style, Frank wrapped his arms around Gees' neck, keeping him from getting up. "No! You can't let me be eaten!"

"I thought you said he was going to put you in the trashcan."

"He was, but you don't know what he'll do! He's a very unpredictable man, Gee. I mean, he can put stake sauce on my head and bite it off!"

Laughing even more Gerard saw Bob walk even closer to the place where he and boyfriend was sitting and grab the back of Frank's collar. "Say goodbye to your boy toy Gerard, this might be the very last time you see him!"

"NO!" Gerard grabbed Frank around his stomach and pulled him back down on top of him. "You can't hurt him! Go hurt Mikey!" He leaned in closer to where Bob was and said, "I heard he's the one that broke your new drum kit!"

Letting go of Frank's collar, Bob turned around and yelled, "Mikey you little bitch! You better hide your new bass!" Both Gerard and Frank watched as Bob walked in the other direction.

They heard a quick yelp followed by someone sounding like Mikey, only ten octaves higher saying, "No! Put it down!"

Laughing Gerard let go of Frank and try to get back up. "Frankie!" he whined, hoping this would catch Frank's attention, "Get off of me!"

But that only led to Frank leaning down so he was on top of Gerard, faces inches apart. He dug his head into his head into his boyfriend's neck, mumbling, "But you're so comfy!"

"Frank!" As soon as Gerard said that, he felt a little nibbling at the part of his neck that was exposed.

"And besides," Frank said, raising his head to meet Gerard's gaze, "You saved me from Bob, I think you deserve a reward." He leaned back down to catch Gees' lips with his own. Once again he pulled away, smirking at Gerard's frown.

"Don't I deserve a little bit more? I just turned over my own brother!" Gerard said, sitting up again.

"I didn't say that was the end of it!" Both of the boys got up, "You'll get more later."

Laughing Gerard grabbed his boyfriend's hand and lead him into the bunk room saying, "Or, I could just get it now."

All the while, Ray was in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich when he heard a loud thump followed by someone shouting, "NO! You fucking broke my new bass! You fucking asshoe!"

Well, that's it. My first mcr fic and oneshot. Suckish ending, I know, I just couldn't think of anything else.but anyways, reviews plz!!!!!
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