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So uhm...

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Hmmm, hello

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Published: 2008-06-22 - Updated: 2008-06-22 - 162 words

So I've been away for awhile. Quite a LONG while, mind you, but we won't get into that but whatever. Chances are many of you don't actually care about me, but the fact that it seems like this story is going to drown because I might not finish it. Eh. I have a rep for never being able to finish a story and usually deleting it before it even gets close to FINISH. I think my 'To the Love' story made it the farthest, what hmm like 17 chapters? Can't remember. Anyway. The sad thing is this one might not make it either.

However, I think I owe it more to myself than to the general public--sorry guys, ---to FINISH THE GODAMN STORY. I want to. Believe me. But I was born without patience.


Random gibberish aside, do YOU think I better get the hell up and finish this?


love, Bini, Sab, nya-MEya, scarrlifigous, etc etc demeaning names, etc
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