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My Worst Nightmare

by fobXmcrXpatdX 2 reviews

I had this nightmare 2 years ago. I reacounted details and made it more into a story. It scared this shit out of me.

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I walked along the campground bored. Why had my parents sent me here? I kick a rock and walk wherever the rock goes; continually hitting it. Eventually I come to a fence with a hole. I walk through it.
I come across a building that almost looks like a museum. I walk inside it unknowing what horrors it holds. I read a couple plaques. Then it hits me…
This place is a torture camp.
Of course the camp that I’m attending isn’t a torture camp. Oh no. This camp is next door to ours. Or is it? No. Mom would never send me here. My thoughts are assured as a man walks up to me.
“What are you doing?”
“I was walking and I saw a hole in the fence and found this place.”
“Good. I would’ve hated to have to punish you because you weren’t working. You’re lucky you’re not in this camp. But that could change. I’d get out of here if I were you.”
“Ok.” I quickly leave. He doesn’t have to tell me twice.
I get back to the fence. At the fence there’s a man facing a girl. The girl runs past him through the fence. I realize why she’s running away: the man’s holding a gun. He sees me and smiles.
My eyes widen and my breath becomes uneven. I run back onto the front lawn of the building as the man chases me. He finally catches me.
He places the gun to my head…
I’m gone.
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