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'Being scared all the time that I would loose him... yeah, I miss that too.'

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Laughter, filling my ears.
I miss that.
Kisses on my forehead.
Fingers tracing veins.
Eyes mapping out every curve, every blemish.

The voice that could calm me.
When ever, where ever.
The eyes that told me that I was loved.
Feeling so wanted, so needed.
I miss that.

Walking down the street holding someone’s hand.
Heart beat picking up because they walked in the door.
Holding their gaze for the longest time and saying so much.
I miss that.
So much.

Taking my time to get ready.
Knowing he’d think I looked great whatever I wore.
Thinking through my words.
Not letting anything go wrong.
Being scared all the time that I would loose him…
Yeah, I even miss that.

Waking up and thinking,
‘Today will be a good day, because I get to see him’
Going to sleep remembering all the things we said.
Dreaming about all the things that could be said.
I miss that the most.

Thinking about the first time he said he loved me.
Thinking about the first time he kissed me.
The first time we slept together.
The first time we met.
Feeling so safe and content in his arms.
I miss that so much it hurts.
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