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Everywhere In Chains

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The summer before sixth year the Dursleys take their abuse of Harry one step too far. What will happen when he realises the Order aren't there for him anymore?

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Chapter One - Enya

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Harry sighed as he looked out of the window of the Dursley's car on the way back from Kings Cross. He had a very bad feeling about the holidays but he just couldn't place it. He also knew, that along with that bad feeling he was getting, that the warning the Order member's had given the Dursley's as they left Kings Cross, would do nothing at all. Sighing once again, Harry began to dread every moment that they got nearer to Number Four Privet Drive.


Harry groaned as he sat up in his bed. He was right about the bad feeling that he had gotten, leaving Kings Cross. So far he was one week into the summer holidays, and the Dursley's had fed him all of once in the seven days of being here, and that was three days ago.

Of course, the Order didn't know this. Well they would know it if they were still watching the house, which Harry knew they were. But by his letters, which he sent every three days as specified by the Order, they knew nothing. He sent the same letters every time. All saying exactly the same thing.

"I'm fine. Dursley's are treating me alright. Send a note again in three days.

Not that Harry didn't want to tell them what was going on. No, he really did want them to come and get him out of here. But every time he had to write another note, Vernon would come and stand over him and then check the contents of what he was sending.

Harry was now reaching into desperation about his situation. He knew that the Order members watching his house would realise that he was being starved and would have reported back to Dumbledore about it. So why was he still here and why hadn't Dumbledore come to collect him, or at least contacted him.

And then there was Hermione and Ron. He knew that he had only left them a week ago, but still, would one letter have hurt them. He had just lost his only father figure that he knew! Would it have killed them to check that he was okay and coping.

Of course he was coping. Well he was coping with Sirius' death that is. When you had been starved for three days straight and then, when you finally were fed, it was only a bottle of water and three slices of stale bread, normal things generally get pushed to the back of your mind.

So here Harry was, stuck in his very own personal hell, and no one was here to rescue him. No one cared about their saviour during the summer holidays, and so they dumped him here and forgot about him until he was needed. They left him here, starving and with these thoughts running through his head, and with these thoughts running through his head, the longer it takes for them to come and get him, the less likely it will be that he will want to save them.


Harry slowly walked up to his bedroom, carrying the small bottle of water that he had been allowed for that day. No food though. Nope, not for the freak.

It had now been eight days since he had last been fed, and he now, no longer had any energy left to do most of the simplest of things. In fact he was only just managing to climb the stairs to his bedroom without passing out.

With the edges of his vision slowly becoming black, he smiled slightly in relief as he reached his door and pushed it open. However, the last thing he expected to find when he entered his room, was a strange girl sitting on his bed, reading one of his school books.

"Erm... hello?" Harry said, though it barely came out as a whisper. The girls head shot up and she looked at him, face completely expressionless as she took in the way he was limply leaning against the door frame.

"Hi. I'm Enya." She said, showing the same amount of emotion through her voice as she did through her face.

"Yeah hi. Erm, would you mind telling me what you're doing here?" he asked, slowly becoming weaker, but somehow managing to remain standing. Well leaning anyway.

"Of course. Maybe it would be better if you sat down before you pass out." She said standing up fully and then moving from the bed, allowing Harry to both sit on the bed and get a full look of his intruder.

She had longish black hair, that seemed to fade to a deep green colour, that matched both her eyes and Harry's own. She was wearing all black, except for a green sash tied around her waist. The strangest thing about her however, was the large fluffy black thing that was draped over her left shoulder.

"Right then, seeing as you have managed to take a good look at me, I will tell you why I am here, but be warned, I cannot stay for too long. Your little watchers will notice that I am here soon." The girl, Enya said, smirking slightly, and showing not just emotion for the first time that night, but also that she had sharp fangs where her canines should be.

"Erm... okay. So I suppose that means they are watching me then."

"Oh yes indeed. I would have called them your guardians or something, but well... heh, they're doing a great job of that aren't they. Right, but discussing your situation isn't why I'm here. To be honest, I'm not really sure why I was here. All I know, is that is was called here. Something about you is slightly more dark than one would expect of The Boy Who Lived. So there we have it. That's why I am here."

"Okaay. I have one question though."

"Sure, but make it quick and don't make it have anything to do with my erm.. species."

"Right, well um.. a different question then. Do you know who is watching me. What shifts are being held?"

"Ah, see that question I can give an answer to. Right now it is one erm... Vance I think her name is. She watches you from twelve in the morning till twelve at night every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A Professor Snape? Yeah Snape, greasy fellow. He watches you for the hours that Miss Vance doesn't on the same days. A werewolf used to watch you, but then for some reason he never returned two days after you had came here.

The other days you are watched by one Kingsley Shacklebolt in the morning and in the evening/night you are watched by a smelly man whose name I don't know. Well I say watched, he stays for about six hours and then leaves." Enya said, walking over to the window and looking out.

"Okay then. Thank you."

"S'alright. Okay then, I will have to leave now. If you drink that water, some of your energy will be restored. And I have left you something underneath your pillow as well. I will come again soon, just stay safe in the mean time. I can't say what it is, but something is drawing me to you." As she said that, she opened his window and then jumped out, leaving Harry staring after her in a stupefied shock.


Of course, Harry after the visit from Enya, began to wonder whether it even actually happened, and soon dismissed it as being part of a starvation induced hallucination. If it didn't happen, then he wouldn't have to pin his hopes on the fact that someone out there actually did care about him. It was because of that belief that he didn't look under his pillow for whatever Enya had said she had left him.

A few days after Enya had visited Harry, things with his relatives hit an all time low, and Harry's firm belief in the Light sides views had slowly dissolved into nothing. No longer was Harry sitting on the fence so to speak about the wars views. Harry was in the Grey side. His abandonment from the light side of this war, had made some very startling changes for the future of this war. But he still did not agree with Voldemort's views. Oh no. No, he had very dark views on things but he still hated Voldemort. And that hate fuelled even more by the nightly visions that Harry was sent.

So now, Harry's hate of Dumbledore had festered out of control and was now on par with his hate of Voldemort. And between these two figureheads of this war, they had managed to change to outcome to the war completely. No longer was there only two sides to this pointless war. There were now three sides to the war, and in Enya's own, slightly warped opinion, things had only just gotten interesting.

But now Vernon was completely certain that the Order would not come to Harry's aide. He had stepped up now from starvation, to punching, kicking, cutting. In fact any kind of way to cause Harry some sort of pain.

The first time that he hit Harry, knocking him back into the wall, making the room swim, no one came to make him pay for the consequences. No one came to save Harry from his uncle, and when Harry 'forgot' to send the note saying that he was fine, no one came to investigate.

So, the beatings continued and no one came to help him. No one came so no one witnessed the change in their saviour.

It was two weeks after the visit from Enya, that Harry wasn't actually all to sure happened, when the beatings went too far and Vernon decided that just punching and kicking his nephew wasn't good enough for the little freak any more.

Exactly two weeks after the visit, Harry weakly watched as Vernon walked into the room with a grin that made him shudder. It wasn't until he was practically standing over him that he noticed that pair of scissors in one hand and the scalpel in the other. Harry then realised that there was every possibility that he wouldn't get out of this alive.


Later that night, Vernon Dursley walked out of Harry's room with a smug look on his face. He walked off back down the stairs with a spring in his step, whistling.

Meanwhile, in Harry's room, the wizarding worlds boy saviour was lying on the floor unconscious. Blood was freely pouring out of his veins and his breathing coming in uneven, rough breaths.

A/N - Hmm, well there's the first chapter for you all! i say hmm because i'm not all to sure i like the first chapter, but well, in the next chapter you all get to find out a bit more about Enya and also see what the Order are planning on doing about Harry (if anything)
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