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Bottom of a Shot Glass

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Gerard drowns his sorrows

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Gerard spent the next 2 hours searching for a bar, one where he would be as inconspicuous as possible, he would only have a few drinks, just to numb the pain slightly, god knows he needed it.
He eventually found himself sat on a stool at a bar and ordered 2 straight whiskeys, they burned his throat slightly as they always did, god it felt good, like an old friend. Before he knew it 2 more had gone down, the effects were starting to kick in now, he felt a warm glow and a sense of wellbeing that was starting to help him deal with his breaking heart. Just as he was chugging down his 5th whiskey he felt a warm hand on his shoulder
“Is that wise dude”, came a voice that was all too familiar
Gerard turned round to see Nick smirking at him, to Gerard’s horror Nick took the stool next to him
“Can I help you”? asked Gerard with little emotion, he prayed he would take the hint and leave
“Just wanted a little chat”, added Nick still with that fucking grin that Gerard was starting to really hate
“Did you follow me here”?, asked Gerard wondering how the hell he found him
“Well its hard to get you alone, figured id take the opportunity”, Nick replied
“So what’s the deal”, asked Gerard trying to get this over with so he could go back to wallowing in self pity again
“Well I got this friend in the crew called Anna she is really into you and I was wondering if you’d like to meet her and see if those sparks fly”, he questioned with yet another grin
“Nah im cool thanks”, Gerard replied throwing the last of his whiskey to the back of his throat. Was this guy seriously trying to set him up?
“C’mon it will be cool, we could double date so you wouldn’t be on your own”, Nick added ordering his own drink
“Im not interested , not looking to date anyone right now”, said Gerard trying to get him to stop this insanity
“She’s really cute”, he almost sang in a gleeful way
“Im sure she is, but im still not interested”, he was hoping that would do it.
“How do you know unless you try”?, he sipped the beer he just ordered and looked at Gerard hopefully
“I just do ok”, Gerard was desperate to get out of this conversation now, he was toying with the idea of telling him he was gay, but that would just add a whole new mix of shit into the equation .
“Does this have anything to do with Kelli”? Gerard almost dropped the shot glass that was halfway on its way to his mouth, this was going to worse than he could have imagined
“What, why the hell would it have anything to do with her”? he asked almost scared of what was coming next, Gerard couldn’t think fast enough, he tried to think of innocent replies to the answer he was sure was coming.
“Still hanging on for her are you”? he added with a cynical tone
Gerard’s heard missed a beat, oh god how was he going to answer that?
“Don’t know what you mean”, was the best he could muster quickly
“Oh c’mon Gerard, I aint a moron, you avoid us like the plague when we are together , that tells me one thing”, he stated with a serious look on his face
“I have better things to do”? Gerard added quickly trying to keep his head
“No that you have feelings for her”, Nick looked at Gerard intensely trying to read his emotions
Gerard laughed nervously, he wanted to run, this was way to uncomfortable
“Whatever”, he added trying his hardest to sound mildly amused at this revelation
“I was hoping if you met Anna, you’d forget about Kelli”, he stared into his pint glass as if trying to find something at the bottom
“Look you know nothing about me, I don’t need to fucking forget anything ok”, Gerard said angrily
“Gerard I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but denying it wont help, she’s taken, do yourself a favour and move on”, Nick gulped the rest of his drink and got of the stool
“Let me know if you change your mind about Anna”, he added quickly then left.
Gerard’s dislike for Nick had tripled in the last 20 mins, not only did he know his secret, Gerard was sure he was gonna get his face rubbed in it at every possible opportunity, and what if Nick told Kelli? Gerard sank a little more into a pit of despair and ordered his next round.
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