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Operation: Sister Ryan

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Vanessa pines for her younger sister, Ryan. (Don't worry I'll get back to Pete and Rose in the next chap.)

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Operation: Sister Ryan:


Blog Title: That Girls Needs Help

My sister called me at work again. I told Ryan not to call me at work unless it's emergency. But she does so to get money for drugs anyway. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hello?

Ryan: Nessie?

Me: I roll my eyes Ryan! I told you not to call me at work unless it's an emergency!

Ryan: But it is!

Me: If it's money for more dope, you might as well just hang up now! I am not supporting your habit anymore!

Ryan: Come on, sis!

Me: No!

Ryan: Come on, just a little more! This'll be my last time you for money!

Me: You said that last time!

Ryan: But I mean it this time!

Me: Yeah, right!

Ryan: Pleaseeeeee!

Me: I'm hanging up on you now!

Ryan: No, don't!

I just hung up on her and cut off my cell phone. I sat there in bitter anger-sorrow. Ryan Billy Reed. That is one messed up girl. We had a decent childhood until our father revealed that he was gay my freshman year of high school and divorced our mother. She was completely devastated and just turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. Mom was barely around for us, so I had to become the adult. I hated it! I just wanted to get away and be free to live normal for once. I sadly didn't have the option. I had to take care of mom, Ryan, and myself through high school. In the end, mom went away back to her native Colorado to straighten herself out before she could reconnect with her two daughters again. I turned well. Ryan on the other hand, did not.

She got mixed up with the wrong people. Ryan got into drugs, drinking, and hard partying. She ran away from home last year. I worry about her all of the time. Ryan is only fourteen years old. She has turned to many things to support her habit. I'm still surprised that she is still in school. I'm wondering how they are still keeping her there. Ryan is a smart girl, I'll give her that. She just made some poor choices to cope with life. The girl is no angel either. She is a cruel and manipulative bitch. I don't approve of how she lives, but I understand that she sees it as a way to survive in life. I would've been the same way if it wasn't for music to come and save my life. Thus me working at BRM today.

Ryan is one of my high missions in life. If she keeps this up, she'll end dead or in prison. I can't have that for her. She is too precious for that. If I didn't love her and she was dumb like Jessica Simpson, I wouldn't care. But since she's not, I do. I'm trying my all to help her get help. But right now, I'm stuck and running out of ideas to help her. My only hope for the time being is that Ryan finally comes to her senses and come home again. I want that to happen real soon. I don't know how long she can keep this behavior up. Tries not to cry It all just hurts me inside.

Well, I have to split now. Rosie is pulling me away for lunch with her, Sakura, and Robyn. Sigh Maybe this'll make me feel better. I hope.


Love, Aunt Nessa

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