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Things Change

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I was dreaming. And in my dream I realized his feelings had changed...his feelings for me.

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Things Change

By: Brynn Parker


Author's Note: My second sCRYed fic, another oneshot, but this time for Kanami and Kazuma! So this pairing isn't used enough...I mean, it's just perfect, and still I could only find a few good ones for my C2! This is kind of poetry and kind of not. Just a very modern art-ish story. But not in a bad way. I hope. It's also kind of a start to my sequel to the series that I WILL be writing eventually...probably over the summer or I'll start it sooner. I just can't take on another project right now. So here it is: Things Change.


I was dreaming...

There was longing. Longing for something this man had left behind long had been years since he'd seen her, but he still thought that he was only hurting her by staying with her, and he decided to run away from the past.

He knew that she understood he wasn't coming back when he said goodbye.

She'd been so young then. But when he'd gone back to see her, she had grown up into a beautiful young woman. And this beautiful young woman...

Was me.

The way he moves is so clumsy, uncoordinated...but I love it all the same. The face that I once had to stretch my neck to look up at now inhabits all of my dreams...and I often see that very face leaning towards me to kiss me.

When I dream, I see that he has these very same dreams about me. The girl that he once knew, the little girl that took care of him...she's now the object of his affections.

I was dreaming...

He finally came back. He was so happy that he would get to see this girl again, looking forward to her calling his name - the name that always used to annoy him. He walked towards the farm, and saw the familiar long brown hair spilling across the hay bail just like the last time he'd seen her. The sounds of the farm filled his ears...nothing had the years he'd been away, maybe this little girl had been preserved in time.

But she wasn't a girl anymore. He thought her face was angelic, and he had feelings that had never been there before...he thought it wasn't right.

And when I woke up, he was gone, leaving an emptiness in my heart that had only multiplied since he decided to leave me again.

When did things change?

I guess I'll have to wait for him to tell me.

Because not even he knows.
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