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Mercutio- Wammy House

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Written by Near. A story about Mercutio, a member of the Wammy House. He meets Matt, Mello, and Near. There is some yaoi. It also includes two other OCs, Moondance and Sundance.

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Ug, no! Stop, don't...

Help, no ouch!!!! That hurts!!!

Mattsu! NO!

Blinding light clouded my vision as I sat upright in bed. Beads of sweat fell from my face, my breathing was hard. I ran a pale hand through my messy purple locks, and gave a long sigh.

"Ah... that nightmare again. It feels like a curse." I said to myself, my breath slowly returning to it's normal rhythm.

I whipped the pale gold covers off of my body, only to reveal matching pajamas. I swung my legs over the bed, and then buried my face in my hands.

-Why is it that you are always dizzy when you get up to quickly, after laying? It's because the blood is rushing from your head, that's why. Why do I always ask myself such SIMPLE questions?-

Always when I would awaken, I would ask the most stupid questions to myself, some that a three year old probably could end up answering. I couldn't stop this normal routine, I hated change. But, my life had, in fact, just changed, and not for the better. My parents had been murdered, right in front of me.

The man had entered the house with a fairly blunt knife, demanding for my mother to undress. She disagreed, and hearing the cries, father had rushed into the room with a baseball bat. There was a large struggle, of course, ending in blood. The knife had entered through dad's left temple, and then he was stabbed several times in the chest.
The man then turned to my mother, and all I could do was watch in horror as the man raped her while he was cutting her chest open, only to let go when he had ejaculated. Feeling satisfied, the man was about to leave, when I couldn't hold in my fury any longer.
"YOU MURDER!!!! YOU RAPIST! YOU SIN ON LEG!!! A POX ON YOU! A PLAGUE, A DEATH, FUCK YOU!!!!!" I cried, tears wildly falling from my face.
The man turned around slowly, and I froze in terror. I still remember the coldness in this man's eyes, like he had no soul. And then the smirk, as he slowly walked towards me. I then recognized him as a widely known wanted criminal, known for rape and murder of women and...teenagers.
Yes. Pen stroke. Now it was the murder's chance to wear the expression of fear he left on his victims before they died.
The murder held his chest, and stumbled towards me, blinded from the pain in his chest.
The man fell on top of me, plunging the knife deep into my left shoulder. As we both screamed in fear and pain, the murder clawed at my face, and I tried to pull him off.
Then the dead silence. The only time murder was like this was there was only one left. Though I was gripping onto life with both hands, slipping into the darkness...

The sound of water rushing filled the bathroom, as I stared at the horror that that day left in the mirror. I had just finished taking a shower, washing off the sweat. It got the sweat off, yes, but it didn't help heal the scars one bit. Half of my face was permanently scarred, which ashamed me greatly.
I turned off the water, and then walked into my bedroom, where my clothes were already neatly laying out on his bed. I let my towel drop, and then went over to the bed.
SLAM! Someone had kicked open the door.
There, standing in front of my naked, blushing figure was another teenager, wearing a striped shirt and a vest. His hair was messy, his hair style was almost identical to mine. He was also wearing goggles, which was very strange.
"Oh...heh heh, hey man, sorry." The strange teenager said, coming in and closing the door.
I proceeded to clothe myself in my gothic clothing, but I could still feel my face burning with embarrassment.
"N-no problem. We're both boys after all..." I said, with a forced smile on my face.
The teen squinted his eyes slightly.
"Hmm... you're new here, aren't you?" He asked.
-No duh.-
"Oh, yes. I'm Mercutio." I said.
"Neat. I'm Matt." The teenager replied, a smile on his face.
We stared at each other for a minute, and then Matt pulled a DS from his pocket, and started playing it. I walked over curiously and started watching him, chewing on my forefinger. Then I realized...we had no purpose meeting right now!
"Umm... Matt... why did you come in here anyways?"
"Come in where?"
"My room."
"What about it?"
I rolled my eyes. Obviously this guy was lost when he played his games. I gently shut the DS screen, and then turned Matt to face me.
"Matt. What are you doing in my room in the first place?" I said slowly, like he was speaking to a retard.
It took Matt just a few seconds to process.
"Oh yeah! I was jus' looking for my friend, Mello! You want to help me find him?" Matt asked me.
-Did he just get really hyper, or was that just me?-
"Uh...whatever." I shrugged my shoulders, and then proceeded to follow him out of the room, and into the halls.
I followed this 'Matt' character out into the hallways, and there were some kids gathered in groups to gossip.
-It's just like a normal boarding school. Except with geniuses.- I thought, shoving my hands deep into my pockets. I followed Matt into a place filled with many books, and with common sense, you would only deceiver it to be the school library.
"Hey, does the Library of America know you stole all of their books?" I joked, getting a cute giggle out of Matt.
I couldn't help but to notice how hot this character really was at that moment, and he really reminded me of a cute puppy dog.
Matt's eyes glistened as he spotted someone in the back of the library.
"Ah! Mello!" Matt squeaked, fast-walking over to the teen.
I looked over this boy, noticing he must be fourteen or fifteen. He had very well kept blonde locks, that almost fell over his eyes. He was wearing tight, black leather clothing, which was very shiny in the daylight. His cold eyes turned to Matt, and then at me. Repeat. Repeat.
I was starting to get nervous, and I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment and fury. I knew the boy was checking out my scar.
-Curse this kid. I hope HE gets a scar one day. Then maybe he'll know how I feel.- I thought.
My omens always seem to come true...
"Oh! Mello, this is Mercutio. Mercutio, Mello." Matt said, swinging his arms to me, then to Mello, and then visa versa.
"Hello," I said warmly.
My eyes widened with Mello's cold welcome.
-What, no 'nice to meet you?' Hmph. This guy is colder then I am.-
I looked back at him, only to catch Mello's cold glare, which made me turn away quickly. I don't know what that feeling was when our glares met. It was electric...and scary. Why did he hate me so much? I stepped a little closer to Matt. I seemed to do that whenever I was scared.
"What you doing Mello?" Matt asked, and again, I noticed Matt was over-bubbly.
-This guy acts like Mello is his maybe he likes him. Or maybe I do? Jeese, I'll make sure to avoid those thoughts...-
Mello sighed, then looked back at his paper.
"Oh. Should of guessed though, you're always trying to beat out Near!" Matt said, turning away before he could catch Mello's stare.
"Who?" I asked, now somewhat curious of this name that brought Mello such anger.
"Near! He's number one in the Wammy House, with Mello right up there! Ever since Near came to the Wammy House, Mello has been watching him, trying to surpass him. But Near always seems so cold and emotionless, and it always bugs Mell. But Mello is going to beat Near anytime now! Right Mello?"
Matt looked at the empty seat in confusion, and I joined him.
"Where did he go?" I asked, scratching my head.
Matt thought for a while, and then his eyes screamed the thought; 'I KNOW!!'.
"Follow me!" Matt said, barely giving me a chance to catch up to him, as he ran out of the room.
We both ran through the hallways once again, stopping when we came to a rather white room. Sitting in the corner was a piano, also white. I looked over and saw Mello hiding behind the pillar. He looked like he was watching the boy who seemed to blend into the room. The boy sat on the floor in an awkward way, twirling his hair, doing a rather large milk-white puzzle.
-It doesn't even have a design on it. How quaint. And utterly boring.-
Matt snuck up to Mello, who had his back turned. I had to hold back my laughter as Matt grabbed his shoulder, causing Mello to yelp. The boy looked up lazily, and then looked back at his puzzle, which was now done.
I walked over to the three boys, hands again in my pockets.
"So this is Near, isn't it?" I asked Matt, who nodded in confirmation.
I looked at the boy, who was as boring as the puzzle. His skin was pale, as was his hair. He wore what looked like white pajamas.
"Hello, I'm Mercutio." I introduced myself, with the same warm tone I gave to Mello.
The boy looked up, and then slowly stood.
"Hai. I know. I'm Near." He said, not stopping his rather annoying gaze.
My smile faded.
"What, are you psychic or something?" I asked, face twisted.
Near sniffed and then looked away from me.
I waited for a response, but it was clear Near wanted me to ask. So I didn't.
I was always stubborn, so I just waited for Near to give in.
"I helped Roger with your admission papers. Along with these two twins." Near explained, rolling his eyes.
I could swear he was a mind reader, he defiantly knew why I waited.
"Why are all of my introductions awkward or unwelcoming?" I asked, sighing in disgust.
"Because of your face."
"Change your tampon Mello." I said, swinging my arm at him, just stopping at his face.
Matt's eyes widened, and he gave a slight growl at me. He took me by the arm, and pulled me away from the slightly stunned Mello.
"Mercutio, you can't do that to Mello!" Matt said, a sneer on his face.
-He's so cute when he's angry.!! Happy thoughts! No more thoughts of rape please...-
I shook my thoughts off.
"Why not? If he's an ass to me, I have perfect right to make it so he IS a woman." I said, giving a evil chuckle.
Matt shook me a bit, and then came close up to my face. I almost fell back, and I could smell his breath on my face.
It smelled of cigarettes.
"Mello...he's important to me. He may not be the next in line to become L's successor, but he's number one to me!" Matt said angry.
I looked at him strangely.
-So he IS horny for men...-
Matt's eyes widened again.
"I mean... to us! No one really enjoys Near! He's so boring... Mello has bullied his way to the top!" Matt said, smiling nervously.
I looked at Near.
No one...enjoys him?...That sounds like me.
I started walking away from Matt.
"Huh, where are you going?" Matt asked.
I said nothing as I walked over to the pale figure, sitting at his puzzle.
-Misery loves company...-
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