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Malice in the Looking Glass

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Gerard had died. But then, how is he with Frank in his bedroom?

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“Quick! I think they went that way!”

Thank God. They didn’t see where we went. I look up at my un-named hero. I take a proper look at him. He has golden-green eyes and jet-black, shoulder length hair, a perfect jawline and soft pink lips all ontop of his pasty-white skin. He looked like a vampire.

“We have to get moving or they’ll find us. And I can’t afford to let another person die because of this.”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me as he started to run. It felt like we were running forever. My legs felt like jelly. I closed my eyes to help keep myself going. All of a sudden, I was lifted off the ground. He had lifted me onto his back.

“Hold on tight.”

I did as he said. He ran some more until I spotted an open door.

“In there!” I pointed out the door to him.

He quickly turned around and ran to the door. We looked inside, finding it empty.

“I heard something over there! Quickly!”

Next thing I knew it, it was black. He dragged me into the pitch-black room and shut the door quietly. I slid down and sat on the floor. I felt him do the same beside me. I turn to face him. My eyes had adjusted. I could see his golden-green eyes. I looked at them and asked,

“Who are you?”


“Frank Sweetie! Hurry up or you’ll be late for school!”

“Right mom!” I called back to her. I turn back to face the mirror to finish spiking my hair. When I did, I saw the reflection of a guy standing behind me. I spin around, except to find no one there. So I turned around and finished up.

I ran down stairs and into the kitchen to find a cup of hot coffee waiting for me on the table.
“Yeesss…” I said, taking a nice long sip.
“Your gonna be late again.” I put down my coffee and just stared at my mother.
“No I'm not. I'm never late.” Okay, that’s a lie. I'm always late. Half the time I'm not even there. Mom just never knows it.

I finished my coffee and headed out the door. To get to school, I turn left, down the side street and right. But today, I went left. I didn’t feel like school today. I got out my phone and started typing.

Hey Bob, skippin 2day. Send

I sat down on a bench and took out a mirror, eyeliner and red eyeshadow from my bag. I put the mirror on my lap and started to do my eyeliner. As I was, I felt a vibration from my pocket. I took out my phone and read:

Sweet! I’m with Toro. Meet us @ the t.s

I put my phone back in my pocket and quickly finished my make-up. I took one last look in my mirror to check if my eyes looked okay and I saw the guy again. I turn around, again, but he wasn’t there. I feel like I'm going nuts. I put everything back in my bag and got out my I-pod and put on The Misfits on full-blast and started to head to the train station to meet Bob and Ray.


“Hey Frank! How you been man?” ask Bob
“Dude, I think I'm going nutters.”
“What do you mean by ‘nutters’”? Asked Ray
“Everytime I look into a mirror, there’s this random guy in the reflection behind me. But when I look, he’s not there.”
They started to laugh at me. I punched Ray in the arm as hard as I could.
“Owww. Dude, do you mind?”
“Do you mind?” I asked back.
“Okay, enough of this. We have to get somewhere teachers aren’t gonna catch you Iero.” Said Bob. He had a point. Teachers tend to come down to the station to look for truanting students.
“True that. Where do you guys wanna go?” Ray asked us. Well, he was kind of looking at me when he said that.
“I dunno. Mall?” I suggested
“Nah we’ll get caught for sure.”
“Hey I know!” said Bob, “How bout the cemetery? They would never think about there!”
Ray and I stared at each other with grins on our faces. Bob was right. Teachers were too stupid to think about checking a cemetery.

We left the train station and headed towards the cemetery. When we went to cross the road, a bus drove past and in the reflection, was the guy, again! I didn’t turn around, but I looked at him. He looked a mixture of sad and angry in his golden-green eyes.

“Shit guys did you see him?!” I asked them as we crossed the road.
“Ahhh, see who Frank?” asked Ray
“The fucking guy! Don’t tell me you didn’t see him? He was in the fucking bus reflection staring at me!”
“We didn’t see anyone there Frank. I only saw us three. Are you feeling okay?”
Fuck. If they didn’t see him, then, I really must be going insane.
“Umm, yeah. I’ll be fine.”

We finally arrived at the cemetery. The only other person there was the caretaker. He gave us all dirty looks. He walked over to us.

“Now, I can tell you two are out of school. But what are you doing with him? Helping him truant?”

“Fuck off. We’re here to visit a mate of ours who’s passed.” Said Bob.

“Right-o then. Next time I see you here, it’s not gonna be on a school day with him is it?”

“Yeah. Right. Whatever you say dude.” I said as we headed off to find a random’s grave and pretend it was our ‘mates’ grave. We were walking around when I saw one that looked good enough.

“Oi, guys over here.” I pointed to the tombstone.

“Good one Frankie.” Said Ray.

We sat down in front of it. I pulled out my smokes, took one out and passed the box around. As the guys were lighting up, I took a look into my mirror. As I got it out Bob said,

“Careful Frank. Your stalker may be looking.”

“Fuck you Bob. Or should I say, ‘Teddy Bob’”?

Ray started to piss himself laughing.

“I’m glad I got rid of that annoying little bitch.” He said in reply.

I stoped laughing and looked into my mirror. He wasn’t there. I looked at Bob and Ray.

“He ain’t there so don’t say anything.”

I looked down again to check my eyes. But this time, he was. He was looking at the tombstone.

“Who are we sitting on anyway, Frank?” asked Ray, as if he could see the guy in the mirror looking at it.

“Ummm, by the looks of it, a Gerard Arthur Way. ‘Born 1983 and died…’” I stoped. Shit. “Hey guys, he died in the September 11 attacks.”

“Keep reading it dude.” Said Bob

“Okay, Ummm, ‘died, September 11th 2001 in the attacks on the Twin Towers. A son, a brother, an idol to us all.’” I finished reading. I looked down. I didn’t realise it before but we were sitting on a photo of him.

“Hey guys look.” I picked up the photo and looked at it. What the fuck?

“Dudes, this is the guy that I’ve been seeing in my mirror.”

They looked at me as if I really was mental.

“How is that possible dude? You read it yourself. He died September 11.” Said Bob.

“I know.” I whispered


After I got home from the cemetery, I went to my room and turned on my computer and walked over to my mirror. I looked into it but he wasn’t there.

“Ummm, Gerard? Are you there?” There was no response. “Jeez I'm an idiot. I'm talking to my damn mirror.” I turned back to my computer and typed onto the Internet, ‘Gerard Arthur Way’. All these links came up. I clicked onto one of them, which turned out to be an article from our local paper.

‘Gerard Arthur Way, an 17 year old student from Bellville High, was the winner of this years Art Competition with a piece he originally started working on in his English class. “We were reading ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for the millionth time and I was bored out of my brains. So I got out my art book and just started to draw.” Said Way in an interview after receiving this year’s award of $500 cash and a brand new art pack, which includes paints, pastels and pencils. Way claims that his inspiration was the way he felt at the present time. “I felt like I was invisible. Which I soon became because I disappeared from the playground and into the art rooms to work on it. I spent every minute in there. I was invisible to the world after that.” Our runner up…’

I stoped reading there and scrolled down to a picture of him and his artwork. He looked at lot younger than what he dose when I see him in the mirror. He was holding up his art. It was of a small, slightly transparent boy, who was standing in a crowd of people who were walking around him. It was really good. I can see why he won it. I clicked the back button and clicked on another link. It was a Myspace page. It wasn’t his though. It was a boy called Mikey. He hasn’t been on since September 21st 2001. I clicked on his last blog and read:

‘Hey. I'm Mikey. I had someone very special to me taken away from me in the September 11 attacks. He was my idol. He was a best friend to me and our friend Kayla. He was my big brother, Gerard Arthur Way. He had left us to go to an audition to get into a Creative and Performing Arts School. He called us telling us that he had made it in and that he would be coming home soon. He also said he was visiting our Uncle, who worked and made it out of the World Trade Center. But Gerard never did. Today at an emergency whole school assembly, Kayla and me where pulled out, along with multiple students and taken to the library and we were told that our loved ones were gone. People were crying as the names were read out. They got to the end of the list. Gerard Way. I broke. Kayla screamed. I pulled her into me to try and help silence her screams. We then told we were aloud to perform at a school assembly in tribute to them. I recorded Kayla’s performance. She started to cry during it. It’s a song that Gerard had written for her before he left. He wrote a song for each of us before he left. If you want to watch her performance, go to my videos and click on R.I.P Gerard. I love you Gee.


I switched off my screen. I couldn’t read anymore. I stood up and walked over to my mirror and said,

“Gerard? Ummm, jeez. Can you hear me?” There was no response again. I looked down and shut my eyes. “Jesus Christ I'm an idiot.”

“No, you’re not.”

My head shot up and I saw him looking at me in the mirror.

“Turn around Frank. I promise that I’m there this time.”

I turned around. He was standing there.


Hey guys! I know it’s a bit sad and confusing, but you will find out in time what’s really going on! Hope you guys enjoyed it! If you did, read chapter 2, ‘Vampires will never hurt you’.
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