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Dark clouds always end with rainbows

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Hello, This is Taz...

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“Hey Dad, What's for breakfast?”
“Shut up you ungrateful Bitch!”

Oh yeah...I'm still here.

I had the most amazing dream last night.

I was in a house.

The house was warm and smelt of cookies. There was a room with all the things i could possibly want in it. There was also a lady. She hugged me and told me that she loved me.

She hugged and kissed me.

And it wasn't in the way that Daddy does it.

No...It she really loved me...
It was a nice feeling.

Until i woke up.

“Hurry up and go to school! And i want meat loaf when i get home Okay?”
“Yes Daddy...Am i allowed to have breakfast?”
“No! Do you want to get any fatter? If you're thinner, then you are smaller and if you are smaller then you don't get noticed as much!I thought i had already talked to you about this!”
“Y-Yes daddy...”
I go down to my room to get changed.

It's only 6:30 but My dad wants me to get out of the house early.

I don't want to know why...

I go downstairs into the basement (which is also known as my room). I go to my wardrobe and retrieve a pair of black skinnys and a Marilyn Manson Tee.

As i get changed i look at myself in the mirror...
I can't see myself...All i see is fat...
Layers ...and layers..of fat.

I look away...
I don't think i should wear skinnys...I'm too fat
Hey, you're gonna be invisible anyway

Just wear 'em, no one's gonna see ya!
Oh well...
I put on a studded belt and some fingerless gloves.

I smudge eye-liner over my eyes and surround them with red .

I then straighten my short black hair and comb it over my eyes.

If i don't make eye contact then no one will notice me...
Three minutes to get out of here...
“Three minutes Daddy!”
I grab my bag and fetch my hoodie.

I run upstairs and rush out the door.

“Hey, Aren't you gonna give your daddy a goodbye kiss????”
“Y-Yes Daddy”
I walk slowly back to the door to kiss him on the cheek.

But he turns around and kisses me on the mouth.

He forces his tongue into my mouth. I'm helpless. I just have to stand there and take it...

After about two minutes he pulls back and shoves me down the veranda stairs.

I cut my cheek as i hit the gravel path.

I watch him scowl at me and slam the door...
“Joy...” I murmer.

I get up slowly and make my way to school.

I live around 4 blocks away from my high school...but it always takes forever to get there.

After all...
I am invisible...


"...And we met up on the weekend and it was sooo worth it-"
oh no...people.
I look around and see a large oak.
I run over to it and climb it's thick branches until i am out of sight.
I then watch two girls walk past the tree on the way to school.
They turn a corner.....
I jump down and sprint to the next hiding place.
Behind Mr Jensons fence.
I sprint over to it and jump. I land with a loud thump as I hit the ground.
I'm just in time to hear footsteps from around the corner...
"Hello there Taz"
"Hey Mr Jenson, How's Charlottle going?"
I say all of this just loud enough for him to hear. No one else must hear me.
"Oh, she's going fine. Though they say that the cancer is spreading. But we all know that she'll pull through!"
Poor Mr Jenson...Charlotte is his wife, but she now has cancer... She turned seventy eight just two weeks ago.

Mr Jenson talks to me every day. And everyone can hear him talking. But they can't hear me.
Everyone who passes thinks that He is insane...and that he is talking to someone imaginary.
He and charlotte are the only people that i have ever known that have treated me as a friend.
They invite me round after school for cups of tea and they ask me how school is going...
It's like they're family...
"TAZ! you're missing your opportunity! There are no people around. Go to the lamp post. I'll distract anyone that comes past. Oh, and come over this afternoon for some tea. You can come and see Charlotte if you want. Now go!”
I get up and sprint to the lamp post.
It's approximatley 100 meters away. Just enough time to make it.
I start running.
“Why hello there!! Would you like to see my garden? It has very nice flowers in it!”
I hear Mr. Jensons voice rather loudly.
I turn my head to see him waving his arms like a mad man trying to distract some girls walking to school.
God Bless him.

I turn back to the post and keep running.
I grab it and start climbing.
It's no big deal, I have to do this at least twice a day.
My hands are practically like a lizards hands. I can grip on to almost anything.
I reach the top and pull my hood down.
If they see me, then they at least won't see my eyes...
“Perverted Freak! Get away from me”
I see the girls run underneath me and run into the front gates of my school.
I hear Mr Jenson shout to his rose bushes, as to not show my hiding place.
I laugh quietly,
No Mr Jenson, I owe you much more then one...
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