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A Night of Confessions

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Will all be revealed?

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Gerard sat on the sofa with his head firmly in his hands waiting for Kelli to board the bus, he was shaking and this mind was going a thousand miles an hour trying desperately to find the right words to say to her.
He thought about running, it seemed a good idea for all of 10 seconds, he knew he had to face this, he just prayed with every inch of his soul that this wasn’t going to end badly, he didn’t think his heart could possibly take it. He didn’t know quite what he was expecting to happen exactly, but there were a few scenarios he could think of that he wanted to avoid at all costs.
After what seemed a long, very tense time he heard the door being opened and his heart jumped into his throat.
Kelli peeked her head around the corner and her eyes settled on Gerard, she gave him a faint smile and walked over to him.
“So Mike said you wanted to talk to me”, she said softly.
“Yeah”, he answered not knowing where to start
Kelli took the place on the sofa next to Gerard and gave him a concerned look
“I’m listening”, she added
“I don’t know how to say this”, he said afraid to look at her.
“Take your time, I’m not going anywhere”, She said taking his hand in hers which gave him butterflies in his tummy.
“Kelli, there’s something should have told you along time ago”, he still couldn’t look at her face for fear of losing his nerve
“Whatever it is, ill do whatever I can to help, you’re my best friend Gee”, she said trying to comfort him a little
And that was all he needed to hear, the moment she said the word Friend he knew she didn’t feel the same way, that telling her now would just break his heart, she would just tell him that he was a good friend and nothing more, the realisation that she would never love him the way he loved her was too much, he had to get out, he bolted out the door and ran, he ran till he could run no more, he collapsed in a heap on some grass and wept, he wept like he had never wept before, sobs racked though his body until there were no more tears left in his body , when he had calmed down he just laid still on the cool earth looking up at the stars wondering if there was an alternate universe out there were Kelli was his, and his alone.

After what seemed an eternity with his eyes closed and mind clear Gerard opened his eyes and was shocked to see Kelli sat on the grass cross legged in front of him.
“What the fuck”, he shouted out jumping out of his skin
“You don’t get off that easily Gerard”, she said with a hint of annoyance to her voice
“How did you know where I was”?, he asked
“You didn’t go that far you know, and I ran after you most of way, just lost you for a while till I found you here with your eyes closed, I figured id let you get your five minutes”,
Gerard just sat stunned, not knowing what to say next.
“Told you I wasn’t going anywhere”, she added with a grin. “So I’m ready when you are”, she said picking at the grass at her feet
“Look, its okay, never mind”, he hoped she wouldn’t grill him further
“Oh no Gerard Way, you cant do that, friends confide in each other, so c’mon start confiding”, she said sternly
“No really Kel, I just need to sort my head out”,
“Do you have any idea how worried I have been?, she said getting heated. “Seeing you drunk last night was hard Gerard, why the hell did you do that”?, she asked
“Look I’m fine, ok just leave it”, he got up off the grass and started walking away
“It’s not fucking fine at all, you need to tell someone Gerard even if its not me, we are all worried sick” she yelled after him
He turned round and faced her “You have no fucking idea”, he yelled back with fire in his eyes
“I would if you’d just tell me, you used to talk to me about everything, I thought we were friends”, she said with hurt in her voice
“That’s the fucking problem”, he shouted at her, anger building up inside him
“So your saying me being you friend is your problem”?, tears began to fall from her eyes
“God Kelli work it out, can’t you see what my problem is”?, his eyes pleading for the penny to drop
“What did I do to make you feel this way”?, she said with a cracked voice
“Your not getting it, try again”, he said with anger still in words
“Just fucking tell me, what is doing this to you Gee”?, she asked desperate to find out why he was acting this way
“Your doing this to me”, he pointed at her and scowled
“How?, just fucking tell me!, she screamed running out of patience
“You really wanna know?” he looked at her with fierce eyes
She held her head in her hands and nodded
“I’m in love with you”, he finally said and fell to his knees covering his face with his hands.
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